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Gracie Baker

Gracie Baker

  • Burns, OR
  • 2007
  • 5' 2''
  • 190
  • 2027
  • Wrestling
  • 40 Profile Views
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  • Year
  • 2022
    Got forth in state in my first year ever wrestling
  • 2022
    Got sixth in Reno worlds in my first year ever wrestling
  • 2022
    Academic all-state of highest cumulative team GPA in varsity activity of Crane Wrestling
  • 2022
    Got on varsity my first year ever wrestling

College of Interest

Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
I would like to be wrestling in collage. I like to be able to be wrestling at one of the highest levels of girls wrestling. I want to learn how to become a great wrestler. These thing I believe I can achieve these things if i work hard and have good coaches
My Individual Season Goal
This season I would to win all matches I wrestle, win state, and win Reno worlds. I people to be able to know who I am and not think that I shouldn't be out there wrestling.
About me
This is my second year wrestling. My first year I started wrestling I knew nothing about this sport. I was on a team with just guys, so I was the only girl. By being the only girl on the team made me a better wrestler. My coaches gave me no breaks and told me if I wanted to be on their team I had to keep up with the boys, and worked hard that whole season I ended being on varsity. I wrestle 190 girls. I am very athletic for being a heavy weight. This year there is 4 girls and 8 boys on the team this year, I'm one of the team captain's as a sophomore. I love this sport so much would like to be one of the best coach in the state after I'm done with collage wrestling.
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