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Peyton Gay

Peyton Gay

  • Panama City, FL
  • 2005
  • 5' 8''
  • 150
  • 2024
  • Bozeman High School
  • Football
  • Quarterback
  • 30 Profile Views
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School Name HS Graduation GPA
Dean Bozeman High School 2024 4.4

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About me
Hello, my name is Peyton Gay. I am a 2024 dual athlete from Panama City, Florida. My passion for playing football was passed down by my dad at a very young age. Growing up on my family’s farm, I quickly learned the importance of hard work, commitment, and accountability, which is how I approach the game of football. I started playing football at the age of 5; where I learned that being one of the smallest on the team, I had to focus on my fundamentals, technique and knowledge of the game and quarterback position. It also taught me how to be competitive and that proving myself would require me to show people that even though I was small in size, my heart and commitment to being the best was much larger. Having knowledge of the QB position and playbook also allows me to play safety on defense. The football field is where I continue to grow in leadership. I have learned to lead not only in stressful game time situations on the field but off the field as well, in the classroom. I am a humble yet confident athlete who loves and respects the competition of football . In high school, my focus is on becoming the best student athlete and overall young man I can be. My goal is to then get a scholarship to play football in college while I will work to achieve a degree in Veterinary Science. One thing you must know about me….From the time I was able to walk, my parents instilled in my brother and me that “Hard work beats talent any day of the week!” With that motto inscribed in me, I can assure you, I will always give you 110%.
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