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Josef  Tena

Josef Tena

  • Phelan, CA
  • 2003
  • 6' 1''
  • 217
  • 2021
  • Serrano Diamondbacks
  • Football
  • Defensive End
  • Track
  • 934 Profile Views
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  • Year
  • 2018
  • 2018
    Invited to NEXTGEN THE SHOW
  • 2018
    Most Improved Shot Put/Discus (Track/Field) as a Varsity- Freshman
  • 2018
    CIF All Team Football
  • 2019
    All League Champion WRESTLING
  • 2019
    Selected to Compete in the 2019 NextGen THE SHOW
  • 2019
    Selected for the Academic/Athlete Award at NextGen 2019 THE SHOW - 40 Qualifiers of 500+ Athletes in attendance
  • 2019
    2019 League Champion Football
  • 2019
    2019 CIF 2nd Team Defensive End/LB

Badges of accomplishment


School Name HS Graduation GPA
Serrano High School 2021 4.20

College of Interest

Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
In 1 year: * Graduating with Honors from HS at the top 1% of my class. * Packing my bags to attend College and give my all for a Great College Football Team In 5 years: * Focusing on my College Senior Year/My Degree and My Future - --> My Future..... NFL...Masters Degree... I look forward to the challenges my future holds for me... and will be humbled by the Blessings in my life..!
My Individual Season Goal
Play both sides of the ball, as I did in my freshman, sophomore and junior year. In my senior, I will show that I have grown physically and mentally and will be a driving force for my team. I have always had an innate ability to track the ball and the play, and I will continue to enhance this ability. I will continue to improve my lateral and liquid motion abilities. I will continue to improve my speed off the snap and in distance. I will be a force to reckon with up in the box.
About me
When watching my film, I see that I have a keen sense of watching and being aware of where the ball is in play. I have had plays in which I encounter very stout OL players, turn out of their blocks, find the ball in play and make the tackles. I will not let myself become careless in my plays. I will not barrel through on a play with my eyes closed and hope I encounter a tackle on the other side. I have seen this happen to many ILB and I don't want this reflected in my film. I will hit every play with purposeful intent. Every time I step on the field each play challenges me to hone in on my skills to make them more refined. My goal is to be ready for the next level by my Senior year and present myself as a disciplined player that college coaches know they can count on for the future.
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