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Hampton Aeryn

Hampton Aeryn

  • 5' 10''
  • 175
  • Dangerfield Tigers
  • Football
  • Quarterback
  • 141 Profile Views
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  • Year
  • 2020
    Offensive mvp


School Name HS Graduation GPA
Dangerfield 2024 3.0
Dangerfield 2024

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SIZE: Aeryn has very good size for a 2024 Dual Threat QB at 5'10" 180 lbs. A very athletic QB who can take over a game with his skills. Able to improvise while on the go. Comfortable transitioning from a pocket passer to a dual threat. ACCURACY: When Aeryn’s in the game, things speed up and plays are being made. He can hit on anywhere on the field. Whether it comes from on the run or in the pocket, he shows good accuracy. Good timing and anticipation of his receivers routes. ARM STRENGTH: Strong throws made over the middle with high velocity. Very dangerous vertical passing game, able to throw over coverage. RELEASE: He has an over the top delivery with a fully extended arm motion. Increased momentum throughout his delivery. Very good body mechanics and footwork prior to set up. THROW ON RUN: A legit Dual Threat, able to get to the outside in a hurry, seeking out potential targets. FOOTWORK: Aeryn's very elusive out in the open field, with quickness and the ability to hurdle defenders. He’s very hard to contain once he breaks free. Shows good vision while on the run. Runs a 4.6/40. POISE: He shows good awareness of the defensive pressure, able to move away from the traffic. Displays patience in the pocket, while waiting for his receivers to complete their routes. POCKET PRESENCE: He’s very comfortable in the pocket whether setting up for deliver or shifting to the outside for a quick hitter. Able to step up in the pocket or move laterally when needed. DECISION MAKING: He’s an intelligent QB who takes advantage of what the defense gives him. Very decisive with his throws. TOUCH: Good touch in all areas of the field, short, intermediate and long. He’s skilled at taking something off the velocity of his throws when needed. Aeryn has received multiple Divisions 1 interest ,Schools like Tennessee, Nevada, NC state , Arizona state and TCU Are on him early .
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