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Davon Willie

Davon Willie

  • Levittown, PA
  • 2006
  • 5' 10''
  • 155
  • 2024
  • 294 Profile Views
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  • Year
  • 2020
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Badges of accomplishment


School Name HS Graduation GPA
Maple Point Middle School 2024 3.6

College of Interest

Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
My dream goal is to become a top 5 DB in the nation and to make it to the Division 1 level to further my academics and athletics. After doing so, I hope to reach the NFL and to win a super bowl and play in a pro bowl. If this doesn’t work out, my backup plan is to become an athletic trainer for any Division 1 collegiate team or professional team.
My Individual Season Goal
I hope to become recognized as one of the best DB’s in the nation in my class. To be specific, my goals are to get 10 interceptions and 15 touchdowns as a WR. Also, my goal is to gain interest from some good schools .
About me
First, I know that hard work is the only way you’ll make it far and nothing comes easy. Being humble is also part of it too. My mindset of trying to outwork everyone is something that separates me from others. On the field I can play Rb, Wr, Db, S, and what my team needs from me to help them win. At last, I have a 3.6 GPA which I’m determined to increase it to a 4.0.
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