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Damian Figueroa

Damian Figueroa

  • Corpus Christi , TX
  • 2006
  • 4' 5''
  • 100
  • 2025
  • Football
  • Middle Linebacker
    Running Back
  • 92 Profile Views
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College of Interest

Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
Make it D1 and than enter as one of the best 5 prospects to get Drafted into the NFL that's long term goal! No other goal than that! I just have to keep training and playing my hardest and never ever give up on my dream! In 3-6 years I hope to be known in other parts of Texas just not only in my hometown.
My Individual Season Goal
I hope to achieve MVP for defensive player of the year and hooefully enter an All American Game to show others what I can do.
About me
I'm not just your average 12 year old boy who wants to make it big in football. I'm the boy who stays up thinking of my game or practice I just had and even if it was a perfect game no mistakes I still manage to find something I can improve in. I'm the boy who tells my mom 10 more minutes of running or working out or conditioning please mom that's all I need. I'm a boy who loves god and puts him first, my mom is my world my sister's and little brother are what keep me going. I have a passion like no other because I am like no other kid! And well stay tuned because Mark my words you will hear about me!
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