2025 Christopher Cain is a versatile athlete excelling on the basketball court | Youth1

2025 Christopher Cain is a versatile athlete excelling on the basketball court

Christopher Cain is a 2025 guard from Woodland Hills, California. In his most recent season for his AAU team the Cali Stars Cain averaged 20 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists per game.

Although Cain is just 11-years old he is already a student of the game, his basketball IQ is exceptional and is the driving force behind a lot of his success on the court. Cain also has the skill to back up his IQ; he has great size for his age as he stands at 5’8. He is an excellent rebounder who can run the floor after crashing the boards. Cain has also shown the ability to know down the mid-range shot making him tough to guard on offense. On defense he has active hands coming up forcing a lot of steals while also being a rim protector.

Cain’s favorite player in the NBA is currently Kevin Durant; he also draws inspiration from Magic Johnson who happens to be his father’s cousin.

Another thing that makes Cain such a great athlete at a young age is his diverse sports background. Besides playing basketball Cain is a USA swimmer, plays lacrosse and football while also training in Taekwondo. Taekwondo was Cain’s first sport as he started training at age 4 and already owns a red belt.

All of these things contribute to Cain’s success on the basketball court along with his competitive drive. He has some big goals he would like to accomplish moving forward.

“I want to be a McDonalds All-American, a Pangos All-American and win a California State Championship.” Said Cain. “I would also like to play college ball one day, ideally at either Michigan or Duke because of their history.”

Cain still has some growing up to do before college but it will be interesting to see how he develops on the basketball court, along with his other sport endeavors.

Chris Cain - Nov 18-19 11U Tournament from Michael Hsu on Vimeo.


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