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Madden San Miguel AKA Baby Gronk is making a splash as a 1st Grader

"I want to go to the NFL and be a 1st round pick," Madden San Miguel told

The Frisco, Texas athlete, who's been affectionately given the nickname 'Baby Gronk', is making waves for his size and unique ability on the football field for his age. The 2031 athlete plays both Running Back and Safety.

"We call him Baby Gronk because he weighs 20 pounds more than all the kids in his grade," said Jake San Miguel, who is Baby Gronk's Father.

Baby Gronk is only in the 1st grade, but that hasn't stopped his path to notoriety and quickly progressing football journey from being fascinating.

After being in a viral Overtime video last year pulling an Escalade, displaying his impressive footwork, and even rapping, Baby Gronk became the nation's most well-known Kindergarten athlete. With his quick hips, smooth footwork, and remarkable side to side quickness, Baby Gronk's football talent stands out among kids his age.

"After overtime posted him because you don’t see a kid that young with that size that has the hands and side to side movement that he does," Jake San Miguel said.

Being a kid with big dreams is nothing new, but Baby Gronk is already showing a dedication to his craft that many kids his age likely can't relate to. 

Baby Gronk's viral videos have over a half million views on Youtube, and his Instagram following exceeds 71K. The recognition and attention that's come his way is now a way of life.

"It’s normal now I kind of got used to it," Baby Gronk said of the recognition he's received.

"I’ve been training since I was 5," he added.


Take a look at Baby Gronk's highlights and viral clips below.


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