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25 top baseball academies across the country

25 Top Youth Baseball Academies Across the Country


Countless professional athletes have pointed to a coach, a trainer, or an experience that made them the players they are today.


While family and community support system are important, sometimes it takes a special coach or unique circumstance to really turn the lights on and push an athlete from good to amazing.


In order to be the best, you want to learn from the best. Here are 25 of the best baseball academies from across the country:


Gatorball Academy

At Gatorball Academy in Gainesville, Florida, students can practice year-round in the temperate climate. Gatorball offers a full-service baseball training program along with private lessons, camps and baseball schools. Plus, this camp is only few hours away from several spring training facilities, minor league teams and D-1 universities.


Georgia Baseball Academy

Located in Woodstock, just outside of Atlanta, the Georgia Baseball Academy is one of the highest-rated facilities in the region. Many past parents have been happy with the level of instruction and the coaches’ ability to take their athletes to the next level. Plus, with the Atlanta Braves playing an hour away, you never know what baseball legend will be visiting the grounds.


Showcase Baseball Academy

Showcase Baseball Academy is home to 30 travel teams whose athletes range from 9 to 17 years old. Based in Matthews, North Carolina, this organization is a College Baseball Preparatory Academy, designed to teach students how to hone their skills as a team in order to win and develop into college athletes.


Memphis Baseball Academy

Operating year-round, the Memphis Baseball Academy in Tennessee analyzes young athletes and creates a unique performance improvement plan based on their needs. This club was created by former players and coaches who know what the next generation needs to succeed on the field while maintaining their health. They are a passionate about sharing their experiences and passing their lessons on.


Elite Baseball

Based in Montgomery, Alabama, Elite Baseball has multiple batting cages, video technology for analysis and improvement, and various packages for your student’s needs. They have a travel ball team, along with speed and agility classes for students who need to focus on the fundamentals.



Players Choice Academy

The Players Choice Academy is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, in the heart of western spring training facilities. There is an impressive list of alumni who have trained at PCA, including John Webb, Ismael Valdez, Charles Brewer and Freddy Sanchez. You can check out their coach bios to learn exactly who your youth athlete will be training with.


Albuquerque Baseball Academy

Since its opening in 2003, the Albuquerque Baseball Academy has graduated more than 360 college signees, 165 Division 1 commitments, 40 MLB draftees, and two MLB first-round draft picks.


It is the best choice in New Mexico for growing your student athlete’s talents and setting him up for a successful career. It boasts a 98 percent success rate in placing students into collegiate or professional baseball.


Athletic Mission

Athletic Mission, based in Tulsa, is the only baseball and softball training facility in Oklahoma that utilizes 3D Motion Analysis. This lets the coaches create personalized player development programs to troubleshoot areas that could be hurting their performance. It’s this science-backed program that can promote longevity in your athlete's skills and career.


Premier Baseball of Texas

Located in Tomball, Texas, near Houston, Premier Baseball of Texas offers an on-site option for student athletes, but also has an online academy with video analysis, workshops and workouts. Their youth circuit training can help students as young as 7 increase their endurance, strength gains and coordination.


Centerfield Academy

Centerfield Academy is based in Plano, Texas, and caters to both baseball and softball teams. The academy offers a variety of camps and clinics along with its class packages, which you can buy individually or in a six pack. Classes are broken out by instructor, so you can find a trainer who meets your athlete's needs.



The Yard Baseball Academy

The Yard Baseball Academy in Portland, Oregon, offers private lessons, hitting and catching classes, and personalized student evaluation. Its staff focuses on data to track performance and make improvements, while integrating technology with the personal coaching of experienced professionals.


Colorado Baseball Academy

Located in Colorado Springs, the Colorado Baseball Academy strives to form a group of highly competitive teams that will challenge each other to perform better. They want to develop youth athletes to a level that will secure them college scholarships and a passion for athletics for life. They work with both youth athletes and high school students.


Triple Play Academy

With a 11,560-square-foot facility, Triple Play Academy is the premier indoor training facility in Montana. Located in Billings, Triple Play offers professionally equipped facilities to elevate the performance of local softball and baseball students. Their goal is to increase the number and quality of college scholarships offered to local athletes through improved performance.


Southern California Baseball Academy

The Southern California Baseball Academy, located in Woodland Hills, is a full-service academy that caters to competitive and recreational players. They offer lessons in fielding, catching, pitching and hitting, along with private team lessons. Parents can also choose semi-private lessons with two or more players for a more collaborative experience.


California Academy of Baseball

Located just outside of Sacramento in Rancho Cordova, the California Academy of Baseball offers training programs and lessons to competitive student athletes. Their academy teams are lead by professional coaches, which creates a professional environment for students to adapt to.



Champions Baseball Academy

Based in Cincinnati, Champions Baseball Academy features professional instructors who can give your athlete a competitive advantage. They have extensive skills and fundamentals camps, group lessons, winter leagues and optional later hours. It’s this flexibility and dedication that sets them apart as a quality training facility.


Future Stars Baseball Academy Inc.

The mission of the Future Stars Baseball Academy is to combine fundamentals with the physical and mental coaching to help young athletes succeed. Their private lessons are open to students 8 and older, and there are multiple teams that train at this facility. Future Stars is based in Mokena, Illinois, just outside of Chicago.


GRB Academy

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, GRB Academy is a 52,000-square-foot facility including a 6,000-square-foot weight room. GRB has a full-sized infield, 14 batting cages and six portable pitching mounds. They have a long list of collegiette alumni with several commitments to Division 1 schools every year.


Great Lakes Baseball Academy

Great Lakes Baseball Academy is located in Woodbury, Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis. Their teams play throughout the year, including winter and fall. Their coaching staff has decades of experience in baseball training and can grow athletes from good players to college recruitment material.


Ultimate Baseball Academy

Ultimate Baseball boasts a 55,000-square-foot facility and is one of the Midwest’s largest and highest-quality training facilities. They have 17 training tunnels, four bullpens, five batting cages and a massive turf field. Located in Omaha, it’s the ideal location for student athletes who are committed to improving their baseball performance.



Diamond Dreams Baseball Academy

Diamond Dreams Baseball Academy is based in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, and prides themselves on staying up to date on the latest drills and training protocols to coach their athletes as best as possible. They run slow-motion analyses of their players to identify weaknesses that can be corrected for future games.


In The Zone Baseball & Softball Academy

Located in Flanders, New Jersey, In The Zone Baseball & Softball Academy is committed to making youth athletes reach their potential and take the field prepared. They offer private lessons, seasonal showcases, and both club and travel teams. This flexibility makes them one of the best options in the region.


RBI Baseball Academy

RBI Baseball Academy is based in Foxborough, Massachusetts, and features a variety of classes and clinics, including the Dustin Pedroia summer camp. This is a great opportunity for your student athlete to learn from the best and get coaching from their MLB heroes.


Bases Loaded Baseball & Softball Academy

Located in Williston, Vermont, Bases Loaded was created by former MLB pitcher Jim Neidlinger to create an academy that trains the next generation of professional athletes. They currently have 11 instructors (including three softball pitching instructors) and work with more than 300 students each year.


Carmen Fusco Pro Baseball and Softball Academy

The Carmen Fusco Pro Baseball and Softball Academy sends dozens of players to colleges across the country each year, making it an ideal training facility for athletes who are looking to continue their baseball careers and train for the pros. They offer indoor training along with coaching on hitting, fielding and pitching. Carmen Fusco is based in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.


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