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Wrestlers Claim 2018 USAW Preseason National Championships

The USA Wrestling Preseason Nationals featured more than 3,000 wrestlers from 40 different states across the country. The event, which is not only the biggest preseason event but one of the biggest on the season, featured some of the top youth wrestlers in the country.


Leading the way in the Middle School brackets was 91-pound Christopher Coates from Kansas. The Kansas Triple Crown winner dominated his bracket as he posted a perfect 6-0 record which included three victories by fall and three by shutout decisions. He took home the gold when he defeated Koy Buesgens of Minnesota 7-0.


In the 128-pound bracket it was Aidan Hernandez of Missouri who put on a strong performance as he posted a perfect 5-0 record. He won four of his five bouts by fall which included his gold medal match where he defeated Braxton Strick of Missouri in 2:27.


Ryder Rogotzke of Minnesota put on one of the most impressive performances of the event as he pinned his way to a championship. He won all five of his bouts by first period fall which included the championship match where he defeated Daniel Max Magayna of Iowa in 1:14.


Here is a look at the top place winners in each of the Middle School brackets:



1st Place - Michael Olson of Sebolt Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Co`ji `LiL BoSs` Campbell of Toss em up Wrestling Academy

3rd Place - Angelo Di Pol of Legends of Gold

4th Place - Griffin Rial of School Of Hard Knocks WC


1st Place Match

Michael Olson (Sebolt Wrestling Academy) won by decision over Co`ji `LiL BoSs` Campbell (Toss em up Wrestling Academy) (Dec 6-4)

3rd Place Match

Angelo Di Pol (Legends of Gold) won by fall over Griffin Rial (School Of Hard Knocks WC) (Fall 0:44)



1st Place - Riley Graber of Summit Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Canon Acklin of Collinsville Cardinal Wrestling

3rd Place - Hunter Taylor of Legends of Gold

4th Place - Javin `j-rock` Jackson-Bey of Harvey Twisters


1st Place Match

Riley Graber (Summit Wrestling Academy) won by decision over Canon Acklin (Collinsville Cardinal Wrestling) (Dec 5-0)

3rd Place Match

Hunter Taylor (Legends of Gold) won by decision over Javin `j-rock` Jackson-Bey (Harvey Twisters) (Dec 2-1)



1st Place - Aden Valencia of Battleground Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Ayson Rice of Legends of Gold

3rd Place - Dillon Campbell of Unaffiliated

4th Place - Zan Fugitt of nixa youth wrestling


1st Place Match

Aden Valencia (Battleground Wrestling Academy) won by decision over Ayson Rice (Legends of Gold) (Dec 5-2)

3rd Place Match

Dillon Campbell (Unaffiliated) won by decision over Zan Fugitt (nixa youth wrestling) (Dec 6-0)



1st Place - Christopher Coates of Legends of Gold

2nd Place - Koy Buesgens of PINnacle

3rd Place - Garret Rinken of IAWC

4th Place - William Heger of Prodigy Wrestling


1st Place Match

Christopher Coates (Legends of Gold) won by decision over Koy Buesgens (PINnacle) (Dec 7-0)

3rd Place Match

Garret Rinken (IAWC) won by decision over William Heger (Prodigy Wrestling) (Dec 4-0)



1st Place - Carter McCallister of Greater Heights Wrestling

2nd Place - Ryder Block of Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Cheaney Schoeff of Contenders Wrestling Academy

4th Place - Braden Potts of Tuttle Wrestling


1st Place Match

Carter McCallister (Greater Heights Wrestling) won by fall over Ryder Block (Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club) (Fall 3:01)

3rd Place Match

Cheaney Schoeff (Contenders Wrestling Academy) won by decision over Braden Potts (Tuttle Wrestling) (Dec 5-0)



1st Place - Brock Woodcock of Purler Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Logan Frazier of Region Wrestling Academy

3rd Place - Owen Hansen of Matpack South Dakota

4th Place - Joey Novak of New Prague


1st Place Match

Brock Woodcock (Purler Wrestling Academy) won by decision over Logan Frazier (Region Wrestling Academy) (Dec 7-3)

3rd Place Match

Owen Hansen (Matpack South Dakota) won by decision over Joey Novak (New Prague) (Dec 2-0)



1st Place - Pierson Manville of SHAKOPEE MAT CLUB

2nd Place - Nicholas Fox of IAWC

3rd Place - Aj Heeg of Southside Outlaws WC

4th Place - Brayden Shelton of Purler Wrestling Academy


1st Place Match

Pierson Manville (SHAKOPEE MAT CLUB) won by fall over Nicholas Fox (IAWC) (Fall 1:46)

3rd Place Match

Aj Heeg (Southside Outlaws WC) won by decision over Brayden Shelton (Purler Wrestling Academy) (Dec 7-5)



1st Place - Jay Greiner of Team Grind House

2nd Place - Tony Alvarado of DAWC

3rd Place - Xerarch Tungjaroenkul of Team Kansas

4th Place - Dominic Lopez of DC Elite


1st Place Match

Jay Greiner (Team Grind House) won by decision over Tony Alvarado (DAWC) (Dec 4-2)

3rd Place Match

Xerarch Tungjaroenkul (Team Kansas) won by decision over Dominic Lopez (DC Elite) (Dec 2-0)



1st Place - Aidan Hernandez of Spartan Wrestling Club

2nd Place - Braxton Strick of Terminator Wrestling Academy

3rd Place - Isaiah Fenton of DC Elite

4th Place - Travis Moore of Higher Level Wrestling


1st Place Match

Aidan Hernandez (Spartan Wrestling Club) won by fall over Braxton Strick (Terminator Wrestling Academy) (Fall 2:27)

3rd Place Match

Isaiah Fenton (DC Elite) won by decision over Travis Moore (Higher Level Wrestling) (Dec 5-1)



1st Place - Ryder Rogotzke of East Ridge

2nd Place - Daniel Max Magayna of IAWC

3rd Place - C.j. Walrath of DC Elite

4th Place - Connor Padgett of Team Kansas


1st Place Match

Ryder Rogotzke (East Ridge) won by fall over Daniel Max Magayna (IAWC) (Fall 1:14)

3rd Place Match

C.j. Walrath (DC Elite) won by decision over Connor Padgett (Team Kansas) (Dec 5-1)



1st Place - Orlando Cruz of Bulldog Premier WC

2nd Place - Julius Alfaro of Mission Arlington Wrestling

3rd Place - Tate Naaktgeboren of Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club

4th Place - Jacob Ward of Bay Port Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

Orlando Cruz (Bulldog Premier WC) won by decision over Julius Alfaro (Mission Arlington Wrestling) (Dec 1-0)

3rd Place Match

Tate Naaktgeboren (Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club) won by decision over Jacob Ward (Bay Port Wrestling Club) (Dec 5-1)



1st Place - Tanner Meyers of Legends of Gold

2nd Place - Caden Young of Clintonville/Aviators

3rd Place - Kyus Root of Mattoon YWC

4th Place - Waylon Miller of The Factory Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

Tanner Meyers (Legends of Gold) won by major decision over Caden Young (Clintonville/Aviators) (Maj 10-0)

3rd Place Match

Kyus Root (Mattoon YWC) won by decision over Waylon Miller (The Factory Wrestling Club) (Dec 8-1)



1st Place - Gavin Nelson of Simley

2nd Place - Chance Cole of SVAC

3rd Place - Seth Willems of Bulldog Premier WC

4th Place - Will Ward of Delaware County Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

Gavin Nelson (Simley) won by decision over Chance Cole (SVAC) (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match

Seth Willems (Bulldog Premier WC) won by major decision over Will Ward (Delaware County Wrestling Club) (Maj 10-2)



1st Place - Koy Hopke of Amery Warriors

2nd Place - Aidan Mclaughlin of Team Kansas

3rd Place - Gunner Hoffmann of Crass trained weigh in club

4th Place - Ronin Hammond of Perry Meridian Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

Koy Hopke (Amery Warriors) won by decision over Aidan Mclaughlin (Team Kansas) (Dec 8-1)

3rd Place Match

Gunner Hoffmann (Crass trained weigh in club) won by decision over Ronin Hammond (Perry Meridian Wrestling Club) (Dec 5-4)



1st Place - Navarro Schunke of Legends of Gold

2nd Place - Ryan Sigler of Prodigy Wrestling

3rd Place - Jose Gutierrez of Ano Kato FS.GR.


1st Place Match
Navarro Schunke (Legends of Gold) won by fall over Ryan Sigler (Prodigy Wrestling) (Fall 1:53)
2nd Place Match

Ryan Sigler (Prodigy Wrestling) won by fall over Jose Gutierrez (Ano Kato FS.GR.) (Fall 1:25)



1st Place - Jared Thiry of IAWC

2nd Place - Trace Goemaat of Southern Iowa Outlaws

3rd Place - Lee Smith Jr. of DAWC

4th Place - Jacob Bild of Tech Team Wrestling Club


1st Place Match
Jared Thiry (IAWC) won by fall over Trace Goemaat (Southern Iowa Outlaws) (Fall 2:11)

3rd Place Match

Lee Smith Jr. (DAWC) won by decision over Jacob Bild (Tech Team Wrestling Club) (Dec 3-1)


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