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PA Blue Claims 2019 Freestyle National Dual Championship

Pennsylvania Blue claimed the 2019 USA Wrestling Freestyle National Dual Championship over the weekend as they posted a perfect 8-0 record during the event. They started the event by winning their pool with a 4-0 record. They then went on to win three more duals in the Gold Medal bracket which then propelled them into the championship match versus Oklahoma Blue. Pennsylvania Blue won five of the last seven bouts to win the gold medal match 39-33.


Pennsylvania Blue fell behind early as Oklahoma Blue jumped out to a quick 17-11 lead after the first seven bouts. Pennsylvania Blue then picked up back-to-back wins from 106-pound Mamdyn Williams and 110-pound Mason Gibson to give Pennsylvania Blue a 19-17 lead. It was then that Pennsylvania Blue picked up victories in five of the next seven bouts to secure the 2019 title. They picked up wins from 125-pounds Dylan Evans, 130-pounds Liam Scrivanich, 165-pounds Tucker Hogan, and 187-pound Sonny Sasso.


Pennsylvania Blue Team Results:


Pool B:


Pennsylvania Blue defeated Colorado Red 66-15

Pennsylvania Blue defeated Indiana Blue 72-7

Pennsylvania Blue defeated Illinois 59-23

Pennsylvania Blue defeated Missouri Red 54-27


Gold Bracket:


Pennsylvania Blue defeated Washington 60-22

Pennsylvania Blue defeated New Jersey Red 53-31

Pennsylvania Blue defeated Minnesota Red 47-34


Championship Bout:


Pennsylvania Blue defeated Oklahoma Blue 39-33


Championship Box Score:


71 - Stockton Allen (Oklahoma Blue) over Trey Wagner (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 1:47

77 -Nathan Desmond (Pennsylvania Blue) over Jason Goodin (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-0

83 - Bo Bassett (Pennsylvania Blue) over Treshaun Tecson (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-0

87 - Dalton Perry (Pennsylvania Blue) over Clayton Giddens (Oklahoma Blue) Dec 4-4

90 - Ishmael Guerrero (Oklahoma Blue) over Devon Magro (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 2:40

97 -  LaDarion Lockett (Oklahoma Blue) over Kaedyn Williams (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 9-8

102 - J J McComas (Oklahoma Blue) over Jake Dailey (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0

106 - Kamdyn Williams (Pennsylvania Blue) over Jude Randall (Oklahoma Blue) TF 14-4

110 - Mason Gibson (Pennsylvania Blue) over Kody Routledge (Oklahoma Blue) TF 13-2

114 - Jace Roller (Oklahoma Blue) over Nicholas Kunstek (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 14-3

119 - Layton Schneider (Oklahoma Blue) over Lonzy Vielma (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 14-4

125 - Dylan Evans (Pennsylvania Blue) over Talon McCollom (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 1:17

130 - Liam Scrivanich (Pennsylvania Blue) over Caden Kelley (Oklahoma Blue) TF 13-3

136 - Bekhruz sadriddinov Navruzov (Pennsylvania Blue) over Caden Kelley (Oklahoma Blue) Dec 14-10

149 - K J Evans (Oklahoma Blue) over Austin Johnson (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 1:38

165 - Tucker Hogan (Pennsylvania Blue) over Holden Martin (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 3:39

187 - Sonny Sasso (Pennsylvania Blue) over Coal Madison (Oklahoma Blue) TF 12-2

250 - Mason Harris (Oklahoma Blue) over Dominick Curci (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 5-0

unsportsmanlike conduct On PA Blue -1.0



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