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Grapplers Grab California State Gold

Last weekend more than 400 youth wrestlers from California competed in the 2018 California USA Wrestling Folkstyle State Championships.


In the 80-pound bracket it was Aden Valencia of AWA who continued his dominating ways as he went unscored upon in the five bouts that he competed in. He pinned his way to the finals where he picked up a dominating 11-0 major over Tyler Riley of Vacaville Wrestling.


In the 110-pound bracket it was Brock Bobzien of Poway Elite who took home the gold medal in dominating fashion. He won five of his six bouts by fall, three of which came within the first minute of the match. He won the championship with a victory by fall in 2:20 over Isaiah Medina of Vacaville Wrestling.


Luke Gayer of Valdez dominated the 1125-pound bracket was he won three of his five bouts by fall and two others by shutout tech-fall. Gayer took home the championship with a 16-0 tech-fall victory over teammate Evan Gilbert.


Here is a look at the top place winners in each of the schoolboy brackets:



1st Place - Abram Cline of USA ULTIMATE WARRIOR

2nd Place - Brayden Kuskie of lawc

3rd Place - James Trujillo of Red Wave

4th Place - Tanner Stone of California Grizzlies


1st Place Match

Abram Cline (USA ULTIMATE WARRIOR) won by fall over Brayden Kuskie (lawc) (Fall 0:16)

3rd Place Match

James Trujillo (Red Wave) won by decision over Tanner Stone (California Grizzlies) (Dec 7-3)



1st Place - Grigor Cholakyan of GFC

2nd Place - Bryan Gudino of Unnattached

3rd Place - Anthony Harris of The Empire

4th Place - Anthony Ayon of Shafter Youth Wrestling


1st Place Match

Grigor Cholakyan (GFC) won by decision over Bryan Gudino (Unnattached) (Dec 4-1)

3rd Place Match

Anthony Harris (The Empire) won by decision over Anthony Ayon (Shafter Youth Wrestling) (Dec 3-0)


1st Place - Aden Valencia of AWA

2nd Place - Tyler Riley of Vacaville Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Daniel Glenn of Daniel Cormier AKA wrestling

4th Place - Jagger French of USA Gold


1st Place Match

Aden Valencia (AWA) won by major decision over Tyler Riley (Vacaville Wrestling Club) (Maj 11-0)

3rd Place Match

Daniel Glenn (Daniel Cormier AKA wrestling) won by decision over Jagger French (USA Gold) (Dec 1-0)



1st Place - Ray Ray Harris of The Empire

2nd Place - Bryce Luna of Daniel Cormier AKA wrestling

3rd Place - Moses Mirabal of AWA

4th Place - Allan Hendricks of Valdez


1st Place Match

Ray Ray Harris (The Empire) won by decision over Bryce Luna (Daniel Cormier AKA wrestling) (Dec 3-2)

3rd Place Match

Moses Mirabal (AWA) won by decision over Allan Hendricks (Valdez) (Dec 6-0)



1st Place - Miguel Estrada of Dethrone

2nd Place - Joseph Antonio of Team Tribe

3rd Place - Logan Valledor of Vacaville Wrestling Club

4th Place - Aidan Edwards of Team Temecula


1st Place Match

Miguel Estrada (Dethrone) won by major decision over Joseph Antonio (Team Tribe) (Maj 10-1)

3rd Place Match

Logan Valledor (Vacaville Wrestling Club) won by decision over Aidan Edwards (Team Temecula) (Dec 5-1)



1st Place - Cody Merrill of Titan Mercury Wrestling Club

2nd Place - Sean Solis of Neutral Ground

3rd Place - Zeth Romney of lawc

4th Place - Clarence Moore of Daniel Cormier AKA wrestling


1st Place Match

Cody Merrill (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) won in sudden victory - 1 over Sean Solis (Neutral Ground) (SV-1 4-2)

3rd Place Match

Zeth Romney (lawc) won by decision over Clarence Moore (Daniel Cormier AKA wrestling) (Dec 9-4)



1st Place - Adrian Limon of CALIFORNIA GRAPPLERS

2nd Place - Ryan Luna of Daniel Cormier AKA wrestling

3rd Place - Yoshiya Funakoshi of Valdez

4th Place - Erik McCown of CVBJJ


1st Place Match

Adrian Limon (CALIFORNIA GRAPPLERS) won by decision over Ryan Luna (Daniel Cormier AKA wrestling) (Dec 7-5)

3rd Place Match

Yoshiya Funakoshi (Valdez) won by decision over Erik McCown (CVBJJ) (Dec 6-1)


1st Place - Brock Bobzien of Poway Elite

2nd Place - Isaiah Medina of Vacaville Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Jaxson Taber of Yuba Sutter Combat

4th Place - M.j. Gaitan of CVBJJ


1st Place Match

Brock Bobzien (Poway Elite) won by fall over Isaiah Medina (Vacaville Wrestling Club) (Fall 2:20)

3rd Place Match

Jaxson Taber (Yuba Sutter Combat) won by fall over M.j. Gaitan (CVBJJ) (Fall 1:30)



1st Place - Joey Cruz of Darkhorse/Valley RTC

2nd Place - George Rosas of Red Wave

3rd Place - Johnny Lopez of Poway Elite

4th Place - Eric Almarinez of Vacaville Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

Joey Cruz (Darkhorse/Valley RTC) won by major decision over George Rosas (Red Wave) (Maj 15-5)

3rd Place Match

Johnny Lopez (Poway Elite) won by decision over Eric Almarinez (Vacaville Wrestling Club) (Dec 4-2)



1st Place - Luke Gayer of Valdez

2nd Place - Evan Gilbert of Valdez

3rd Place - Donte Lopez of Smash Gyms

4th Place - Nicco Ruiz of Genesis


1st Place Match

Luke Gayer (Valdez) won by tech fall over Evan Gilbert (Valdez) (TF 16-0)

3rd Place Match

Donte Lopez (Smash Gyms) won in sudden victory - 1 over Nicco Ruiz (Genesis) (SV-1 4-2)



1st Place - Noah Tolentino of Poway Elite

2nd Place - McKay East of Elite Force/DETHRONE

3rd Place - Timothy McDonnell of Genesis

4th Place - William Fulgentes of Simi Valley Vandals


1st Place Match

Noah Tolentino (Poway Elite) won by tech fall over McKay East (Elite Force/DETHRONE) (TF 16-1)

3rd Place Match

Timothy McDonnell (Genesis) won by decision over William Fulgentes (Simi Valley Vandals) (Dec 6-2)



1st Place - Matthew Rodiguez of Marvel Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Anthony Estrada of Misfits

3rd Place - Mack Healy of Reign Wrestling Club

4th Place - Kainoa Acia of USA Gold


1st Place Match

Matthew Rodiguez (Marvel Wrestling Academy) won by major decision over Anthony Estrada (Misfits) (Maj 8-0)

3rd Place Match

Mack Healy (Reign Wrestling Club) won by decision over Kainoa Acia (USA Gold) (Dec 2-0)



1st Place - Joseph Martin of Dethrone

2nd Place - Robert Paul Perez 111 of SUNKIST KIDS/MONSTER GARAGE

3rd Place - Jacob Lopez of Dethrone

4th Place - Devhante Hayes of Fall Guys


1st Place Match

Joseph Martin (Dethrone) won by decision over Robert Paul Perez 111 (SUNKIST KIDS/MONSTER GARAGE) (Dec 7-6)

3rd Place Match

Jacob Lopez (Dethrone) won in sudden victory - 1 over Devhante Hayes (Fall Guys) (SV-1 3-1)



1st Place - ( Dr J ) Dezi Ray Johnsen of Bay Area Dawgs

2nd Place - Alan Carrillo of Brawley gladiators wrestling

3rd Place - Andrew Zamora of Clovis Youth

4th Place - Jeffrey Dotson of Outlaws Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

( Dr J ) Dezi Ray Johnsen (Bay Area Dawgs) won by decision over Alan Carrillo (Brawley gladiators wrestling) (Dec 6-3)

3rd Place Match

Andrew Zamora (Clovis Youth) won by fall over Jeffrey Dotson (Outlaws Wrestling Club) (Fall 2:48)



1st Place - Caden Rodgers of The Empire

2nd Place - Paul Sharp of Darkhorse/Valley RTC

3rd Place - Ruben Valenzuela of Ceres Hawks Wrestling Club

4th Place - Benjamin Vega Sanchez of Far Nor Cal Wrestling


1st Place Match

Caden Rodgers (The Empire) won by decision over Paul Sharp (Darkhorse/Valley RTC) (Dec 3-2)

3rd Place Match

Ruben Valenzuela (Ceres Hawks Wrestling Club) won by fall over Benjamin Vega Sanchez (Far Nor Cal Wrestling) (Fall 0:41)



1st Place - John Valdez of Valdez

2nd Place - Tominko Visesio Takafua of Sunnyvale Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Darin Guerrero of CYC

4th Place - Braden Pease of Reign Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

John Valdez (Valdez) won by decision over Tominko Visesio Takafua (Sunnyvale Wrestling Club) (Dec 7-1)

3rd Place Match

Darin Guerrero (CYC) won by fall over Braden Pease (Reign Wrestling Club) (Fall 0:20)



1st Place - Luke Meyer of Mission Viejo

2nd Place - Ryan Arrington of Titan Mercury Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Roman Torres of Team Selma

4th Place - Anthony Troncoso of CALIFORNIA GRAPPLERS


1st Place Match

Luke Meyer (Mission Viejo) won by fall over Ryan Arrington (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) (Fall 0:46)

3rd Place Match

Roman Torres (Team Selma) won in sudden victory - 1 over Anthony Troncoso (CALIFORNIA GRAPPLERS) (SV-1 2-1)


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