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2019 USA Wrestling Freestyle Nationals Recap

This past weekend more than 320 youth wrestlers competed in the 2019 USA Wrestling Freestyle National Championships. 

Nick Treaster of Kansas led the way as he dominated the 97-pound bracket. He posted a perfect 5-0 record as he won his first three bouts by tech-fall before picking up a victory by fall in the semifinals. He then defeated Folkstyle National Champion Nathanae Jesuroga of Iowa in the championship match 6-4. 


Pierson Manville of Minnesota showed why he’s one of the top youth wrestlers in the country as he posted a perfect 4-0 record during the event. He won his first bout by fall and then rattled off three straight tech-fall victories to claim the 119-pound title. 


Finally it was Hudson Davis of Oregon who captured the 165-pound national title with a perfect 4-0 record. He won three of his four bouts by shutout tech-fall which included his championship victory where he defeated Soren Herzog of Colorado 12-0. 


Here is a look at the top place winners in each of the 14 and Under brackets. 



1st Place - Mack Mauger of Idaho

2nd Place - Co`ji Campbell of Wisconsin

3rd Place - Carson Walsh of New Jersey

4th Place - Aydan Stone Thomas of Texas


1st Place Match

Mack Mauger (Idaho) won by decision over Co`ji Campbell (Wisconsin) (Dec 7-1)

3rd Place Match

Carson Walsh (New Jersey) won by decision over Aydan Stone Thomas (Texas) (Dec 12-10)



1st Place - Javaan Yarbrough of Ohio

2nd Place - Miles Anderson of Nebraska

3rd Place - Cooper Hilton of Tennessee

4th Place - Logan Swensen of Minnesota


1st Place Match

Javaan Yarbrough (Ohio) won by decision over Cooper Hilton (Tennessee) (Dec 16-11)

2nd Place Match

Miles Anderson (Nebraska) won by decision over Cooper Hilton (Tennessee) (Dec 5-4)

3rd Place Match

Miles Anderson (Nebraska) won by decision over Logan Swensen (Minnesota) (Dec 8-2)



1st Place - Bo Bassett of Pennsylvania

2nd Place - Riley Graber of Minnesota

3rd Place - Davis Motyka of Pennsylvania

4th Place - Donny Almeyda of New Jersey


1st Place Match

Bo Bassett (Pennsylvania) won by decision over Riley Graber (Minnesota) (Dec 8-6)

2nd Place Match

Riley Graber (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Davis Motyka (Pennsylvania) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match

Davis Motyka (Pennsylvania) won by decision over Donny Almeyda (New Jersey) (Dec 4-3)



1st Place - Carter Freeman of Iowa

2nd Place - Haakon Peterson of Wisconsin

3rd Place - Nicholas Orejola of New Jersey

4th Place - Marcus Blaze of Michigan


1st Place Match

Carter Freeman (Iowa) won by decision over Haakon Peterson (Wisconsin) (Dec 8-1)

3rd Place Match

Nicholas Orejola (New Jersey) won by tech fall over Marcus Blaze (Michigan) (TF 12-1)



1st Place - Anthony Knox of New Jersey

2nd Place - Zan Fugitt of Missouri

3rd Place - Garrett Reece of Colorado

4th Place - Alex Braun of Minnesota


1st Place Match

Anthony Knox (New Jersey) won by decision over Zan Fugitt (Missouri) (Dec 10-3)

2nd Place Match

Zan Fugitt (Missouri) won by tech fall over Garrett Reece (Colorado) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match

Garrett Reece (Colorado) won by decision over Alex Braun (Minnesota) (Dec 11-7)



1st Place - Nick Treaster of Kansas

2nd Place - Nathanael Jesuroga of Iowa

3rd Place - Ayson Rice of South Dakota

4th Place - Landon Robideau of Minnesota


1st Place Match

Nick Treaster (Kansas) won by decision over Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa) (Dec 6-4)

2nd Place Match

Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa) won by decision over Ayson Rice (South Dakota) (Dec 6-0)

3rd Place Match

Ayson Rice (South Dakota) won by decision over Landon Robideau (Minnesota) (Dec 12-4)



1st Place - Duncan Christensen of Virginia

2nd Place - Omar Ayoub of Ohio

3rd Place - Collin Guffey of California

4th Place - Lucas Bruhl of Iowa


1st Place Match

Duncan Christensen (Virginia) won by decision over Omar Ayoub (Ohio) (Dec 5-4)

3rd Place Match

Collin Guffey (California) won by decision over Lucas Bruhl (Iowa) (Dec 12-3)



1st Place - Adrian Meza of Arizona

2nd Place - Kamdyn Williams of Pennsylvania

3rd Place - Brady Collins of Colorado

4th Place - Joshua Johnson of Indiana


1st Place Match

Adrian Meza (Arizona) won by fall over Kamdyn Williams (Pennsylvania) (Fall 3:26)

3rd Place Match

Brady Collins (Colorado) won by tech fall over Joshua Johnson (Indiana) (TF 10-0)



1st Place - Zach Hanson of Minnesota

2nd Place - Joel Adams of South Dakota

3rd Place - August Hibler of New Jersey

4th Place - Kody Routledge of Oklahoma


1st Place Match

Zach Hanson (Minnesota) won by decision over Joel Adams (South Dakota) (Dec 4-2)

2nd Place Match

Joel Adams (South Dakota) won by tech fall over August Hibler (New Jersey) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match

August Hibler (New Jersey) won by decision over Kody Routledge (Oklahoma) (Dec 4-4)



1st Place - Mason Gibson of Pennsylvania

2nd Place - Aaron Lucio of Michigan

3rd Place - Jacob Myers of Colorado

4th Place - Cristian Rivera of Arizona


1st Place Match

Mason Gibson (Pennsylvania) won by decision over Aaron Lucio (Michigan) (Dec 9-1)

2nd Place Match

Aaron Lucio (Michigan) won by tech fall over Jacob Myers (Colorado) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match

Jacob Myers (Colorado) won by tech fall over Cristian Rivera (Arizona) (TF 10-0)



1st Place - Pierson Manville of Minnesota

2nd Place - Zane Licht of Wisconsin

3rd Place - Joseph Blaze of Michigan

4th Place - Collin Carrigan of Illinois


1st Place Match

Pierson Manville (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Joseph Blaze (Michigan) (TF 10-0)

2nd Place Wrestleback

Zane Licht (Wisconsin) won by decision over Joseph Blaze (Michigan) (Dec 5-5)

3rd Place Match

Zane Licht (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Collin Carrigan (Illinois) (TF 10-0)



1st Place - Dylan Evans of Pennsylvania

2nd Place - Brett Back of Wisconsin

3rd Place - Logan Swaw of Illinois

4th Place - Kyler Wong of Minnesota


1st Place Match

Dylan Evans (Pennsylvania) won by decision over Brett Back (Wisconsin) (Dec 6-0)

2nd Place Match

Brett Back (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Logan Swaw (Illinois) (TF 18-7)

3rd Place Match

Logan Swaw (Illinois) won by tech fall over Kyler Wong (Minnesota) (TF 15-2)



1st Place - Brayden Shelton of Missouri

2nd Place - Jayden Colon of Illinois

3rd Place - Louie Cerchio of New Jersey

4th Place - Aj Rohan of Pennsylvania


1st Place Match

Brayden Shelton (Missouri) won by decision over Jayden Colon (Illinois) (Dec 11-10)

2nd Place Match

Jayden Colon (Illinois) won by fall over Louie Cerchio (New Jersey) (Fall 0:58)

3rd Place Match

Louie Cerchio (New Jersey) won by tech fall over Aj Rohan (Pennsylvania) (TF 10-0)



1st Place - Ammar Khan of California

2nd Place - Braxton Strick of Missouri

3rd Place - Andrew Wittenberg of Colorado

4th Place - Kamron Fickes of Pennsylvania


1st Place Match

Ammar Khan (California) won by decision over Braxton Strick (Missouri) (Dec 7-4)


3rd Place Match

Andrew Wittenberg (Colorado) won by tech fall over Kamron Fickes (Pennsylvania) (TF 16-5)



1st Place - Gabriel Arnold of Georgia

2nd Place - Connor Mirasola of Wisconsin

3rd Place - Dominic Thebeau of Illinois

4th Place - Flint Guerra of Ohio


1st Place Match

Gabriel Arnold (Georgia) won by tech fall over Dominic Thebeau (Illinois) (TF 12-2)

2nd Place Wrestleback

Connor Mirasola (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Dominic Thebeau (Illinois) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match

Connor Mirasola (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Flint Guerra (Ohio) (TF 10-0)



Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Hudson Davis of Oregon

2nd Place - Omaury Alvarez of Georgia

3rd Place - Soren Herzog of Colorado

4th Place - Cole Mirasola of Wisconsin


1st Place Match

Hudson Davis (Oregon) won by tech fall over Soren Herzog (Colorado) (TF 12-0)

2nd Place Wrestleback

Omaury Alvarez (Georgia) won by tech fall over Soren Herzog (Colorado) (TF 16-5)

3rd Place Match

Omaury Alvarez (Georgia) won by tech fall over Cole Mirasola (Wisconsin) (TF 10-0)



1st Place - Koy Hopke of Wisconsin

2nd Place - Samuel Murphy of Missouri

3rd Place - Harrison Wade of Colorado

4th Place - Samuel Tarantowski of Ohio


1st Place Match

Koy Hopke (Wisconsin) won by fall over Harrison Wade (Colorado) (Fall 1:01)

2nd Place Wrestleback

Samuel Murphy (Missouri) won by tech fall over Harrison Wade (Colorado) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match

Samuel Murphy (Missouri) won by tech fall over Samuel Tarantowski (Ohio) (TF 10-0)



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