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2019 NUWAY Summer Nationals Recap

This past weekend more than 190 youth wrestlers competed in the 2019 NUWAY Summer Nationals in Atlantic City, New Jersey. 


Taking home the 80/85-pound championship was Chase Quenault of CJA Wrestling as he posted a perfect 4-0 record. He pinned his way to the finals where he then took on and defeated Patrick O’Keffe of Rhino 3-1. 


Angelo Pellicci of Bitetto Trained dominated the 105-pound bracket as he posted a perfect 4-0 record. He went unscored upon as he won all four of his bouts by shutout which included his championship victory where he defeated Nick Cottone of American 3-0. 


Michael Dellagatta of Park Ridge won the 150-pound championship in convincing fashion as he won two of his four bouts by tech-fall and two others by fall. He took home the top spot when he defeated Kole Mulhauser of Gorilla Grapplers by fall in 1:52. 


Here is a look at the top place winners in each of the 15 and under brackets. 


15U - 75

1st Place - Ryan Haynes of Olympic

2nd Place - Justin Williamson of Region wrestling academy

3rd Place - Jake Holly of Buxton

4th Place - Brock Sutton of Elite Athletic Club


1st Place Match

Ryan Haynes (Olympic) won by major decision over Justin Williamson (Region wrestling academy) (Maj 9-0)

3rd Place Match

Jake Holly (Buxton) won by major decision over Brock Sutton (Elite Athletic Club) (Maj 10-2)



1st Place - Chase Quenault (85) of CJA Wrestling

2nd Place - Patrick O`Keefe of Rhino

3rd Place - Tobius Kriner (85) of Elite Athletic Club

4th Place - Nicolas Greco of Mahopac w.c


1st Place Match

Chase Quenault (85) (CJA Wrestling) won by decision over Patrick O`Keefe (Rhino) (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match

Tobius Kriner (85) (Elite Athletic Club) won by fall over Nicolas Greco (Mahopac w.c) (Fall 1:28)



1st Place - Andrew Binni of Quest

2nd Place - Preston Haines of Elite Athletic Club


4th Place - Steven Harris of MPR


1st Place Match

Andrew Binni (Quest) won by decision over Preston Haines (Elite Athletic Club) (Dec 5-3)

3rd Place Match

Adrian DeJesus (NJ SCORPIONS WRESTLING SCHOOL) won by major decision over Steven Harris (MPR) (Maj 9-1)



1st Place - Justin Gates of Elite Athletic Club

2nd Place - Dan Jones of Scorpions

3rd Place - Giovanni Alejandro of Bitetto trained

4th Place - Gavyn Whitehead of Elite Athletic Club


1st Place Match

Justin Gates (Elite Athletic Club) won by decision over Dan Jones (Scorpions) (Dec 6-0)

3rd Place Match

Giovanni Alejandro (Bitetto trained) won in tie breaker - 1 over Gavyn Whitehead (Elite Athletic Club) (TB-1 8-6)



1st Place - Jake Dailey of Unattached

2nd Place - Brian McCaw of Burtonsville Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Hayden Brady of Elite Athletic Club

4th Place - Ashton Jackson of Elite Athletic Club


1st Place Match

Jake Dailey (Unattached) won by decision over Brian McCaw (Burtonsville Wrestling Club) (Dec 7-4)

3rd Place Match

Hayden Brady (Elite Athletic Club) won by tech fall over Ashton Jackson (Elite Athletic Club) (TF 17-2)



1st Place - Angelo Pellicci of Bitetto trained

2nd Place - Nick Cottone of American

3rd Place - Tyler Ferrara of Gorilla Grapplers

4th Place - John Hager of Gonzo Trainer of Champions


1st Place Match

Angelo Pellicci (Bitetto trained) won by decision over Nick Cottone (American) (Dec 3-0)

3rd Place Match

Tyler Ferrara (Gorilla Grapplers) won by decision over John Hager (Gonzo Trainer of Champions) (Dec 7-0)



1st Place - Gabe Giampetro of Team Delaware

2nd Place - William Henckel of Team Tugman

3rd Place - Jashon Holmes of JOURNEYMEN WRESTLING CLUB

4th Place - Mitchell Borynack of Elite Athletic Club


1st Place Match

Gabe Giampetro (Team Delaware) won by fall over William Henckel (Team Tugman) (Fall 2:58)

3rd Place Match

Jashon Holmes (JOURNEYMEN WRESTLING CLUB) won by major decision over Mitchell Borynack (Elite Athletic Club) (Maj 8-0)



1st Place - Joseph Sealey of Sohk

2nd Place - Jack Thode of Team Delaware

3rd Place - Nicholas Kunstek of Lost Boys

4th Place - Tanner Gerber of Elite Athletic Club


1st Place Match

Joseph Sealey (Sohk) won by decision over Jack Thode (Team Delaware) (Dec 10-5)

3rd Place Match

Nicholas Kunstek (Lost Boys) won by fall over Tanner Gerber (Elite Athletic Club) (Fall 0:41)



1st Place - Ian Heath of Elite Athletic Club

2nd Place - Jonathan Hernandez of SCWAY

3rd Place - Zander Silva of Elite (New Jersey)

4th Place - Easton Shelley of Sohk


1st Place Match

Ian Heath (Elite Athletic Club) won by decision over Jonathan Hernandez (SCWAY) (Dec 7-0)

3rd Place Match

Zander Silva (Elite (New Jersey)) won by fall over Easton Shelley (Sohk) (Fall 2:20)



1st Place - Carter Baer of Gorilla Grapplers

2nd Place - Harvey Ludington of Rhno Wrestling

3rd Place - Landon Buchanan of Elite Athletic Club

4th Place - Kyler Everly of Mifflin County


1st Place Match

Carter Baer (Gorilla Grapplers) won by decision over Harvey Ludington (Rhno Wrestling) (Dec 7-2)

3rd Place Match

Landon Buchanan (Elite Athletic Club) won in sudden victory - 1 over Kyler Everly (Mifflin County) (SV-1 3-1)



1st Place - Michael Dellagatta of Park Ridge

2nd Place - Kole Mulhauser of Gorilla Grapplers

3rd Place - Shay Addison of Triumph

4th Place - James Dacunto of Pope John


1st Place Match

Michael Dellagatta (Park Ridge) won by fall over Kole Mulhauser (Gorilla Grapplers) (Fall 1:52)

3rd Place Match

Shay Addison (Triumph) won by fall over James Dacunto (Pope John) (Fall 1:18)



1st Place - Alan Alexander of Arsenal Wrestling Club

2nd Place - Jason Lucci of PRTC

3rd Place - Isaac Schmidt of Princeton Wrestling Club

4th Place - Jake Klein of Shore Thing Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

Alan Alexander (Arsenal Wrestling Club) won by decision over Jason Lucci (PRTC) (Dec 9-3)

3rd Place Match

Isaac Schmidt (Princeton Wrestling Club) won by decision over Jake Klein (Shore Thing Wrestling Club) (Dec 10-6)



1st Place - Shane Whitney of TCWC

2nd Place - Max Cabanas of Paulsboro

3rd Place - Zachary Grolling of Team PROPER-LY Trained

4th Place - Celina Nickell of Redbank Valley


1st Place Match
Shane Whitney (TCWC) won by fall over Max Cabanas (Paulsboro) (Fall 4:21)
3rd Place Match

Zachary Grolling (Team PROPER-LY Trained) won by medical forfeit over Celina Nickell (Redbank Valley) (MFF)



1st Place - Stephan Monchery of Bearcats Wrestling CLub

2nd Place - Cameron Groncki of Gorilla Grapplers

3rd Place - Austin Stewart of Headhunters

4th Place - Jermar Bennett of Champions That Wrestle


1st Place Match

Stephan Monchery (Bearcats Wrestling CLub) won by fall over Cameron Groncki (Gorilla Grapplers) (Fall 2:01)

3rd Place Match

Austin Stewart (Headhunters) won by fall over Jermar Bennett (Champions That Wrestle) (Fall 1:52)


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