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2019 NHSCA Nationals Preview

This weekend more than 520 middle school wrestlers from 33 states and Germany will make their way to the Virginia Beach Convention Center to compete in the 2019 NHSCA Nationals. Below, we take a look at some of the top wrestlers who are registered to compete in this weekend’s event.




Wrestlers to Watch:


Charleston Baglio - NC

Kelby Bernard - LA

Sebastian Degennaro - FL

Travis Grace - CA

Chase Van Hoven - VA


Notes: Van Hoven is a previous Tulsa National Champion while Grace is a two-time Freak Show Champion. They will lead a bracket that features multiple time state champions in Baglio, Bernard and Degennaro.




Wrestlers to Watch:


Nathaniel Askew - GA

Jax Forrest - NC

Maddox McArthur - GA

Emmitt Sherlock - GA


Notes: Nathaniel Askew is a six-time Georgia state champion who will look to make a deep run this weekend. He’ll be challenged by Super 32 bronze medalist Jax Forrest, VAC All-American Maddox McArthur and Super 32 silver medalist Emmitt Sherlock.




Wrestlers to Watch:


Jacob Joyce - RI

Joseph Manfredi - NY

Ethan Rivera - PA

Andrew Binni - PA

Noah Murray - NC


Notes: Joseph Manfredi is a Super 32 Champion who will look to capture the 85-pound NHSCA national title this weekend. Joining him in the bracket is NHSCA All-American Jacob Joyce, Pennsylvania standouts Ethan Rivera and Andrew Binni and Noah Murray from North Carolina.




Wrestlers to Watch:


PJ Duke - NY

Carson Main - VA

Tyler Washburn - FL

Daniel Zepeda - CA


Notes: Duke is a six-time New York State Champion and a previous Tulsa and Reno national champion. He’ll be a favorite in a bracket that also features NHSCA runner-up Daniel Zepeda, Virginia state champion Carson Main and Florida state champion Tyler Washburn.




Wrestlers to Watch:


Kieran Cullen - NY

Brandt Fajerman - NC

Matthew Lopes - CT

Moses Mirabal - CA

Justin James Wells - CA


Notes: Mirabal is a Reno World Champion while James Wells is a Super 32 Finalist and California state champion. Cullen has varsity wrestling experience and Fajerman and Lopes are multiple time state champions.




Wrestlers to Watch:


Matthew Babola - MA

Jonathan Fuller - NJ

Jake Crapps - GA

Jonathan Gilbert - KY

Matthew Eberly - VA

Jack Clough - NY


Notes: Crapps is a state champion who has also had some success on the national level. Gilbert took 5th in the high school state tournament while Eberly if a Tulsa All-American and Virginia state champion.



Wrestlers to Watch:


Brandon Cody - FL

Weston Dalton - CO

Cooper Davidson Haase - FL

Clarence Moore - CA


Notes: This bracket is loaded with talent as Cody is a Florida high school state qualifier, Dalton is a Super 32 Champion, Haase is multiple time Tulsa placer and Moore is a Tulsa National Champion.




Wrestlers to Watch:


Christopher Bacchioni - NJ

Andrew Filip - NY

Hunter Mason - TN

Zack Ryder - NY


Notes:  Bacchioni is a New Jersey state champion and a Flo National Champion while Mason owns a NHSCA and Super 32 bronze medal. Ryder and Filip are both New York state champions who have had success on the national level as well.




Wrestlers To Watch:


Riley Halal - NJ

Elijah Murray - NC

Tyler Nelson - GA

Gage Wright - WV


Notes: Some of the top wrestlers in this bracket to watch include Halal who is a Tulsa Kickoff Champion and Murray who is a NUWAY and AAU National Champion. Two others to watch include Nelson and Wright who are both multiple time state champions.




Wrestlers to Watch:


Zane Birtchet - NC

Patrick Jordon - VA

Devin Medeiros - RI


Notes: Birtchet is a 2019 AAU National Champion while Jordon is 2018 Super 32 runner-up. Others to watch include Rhode Island standout Devin Medeiros and Tulsa Kickoff silver medalist Emil Necula.




Wrestlers to Watch:


Rawson Iwanicki - MA

Jeremiah Price - NC

Nathan Crispell - PA


Notes: Iwanicki is a 2019 state champion who posted a 9-1 record at the VAC Holiday Holiday Duals. He could make a deep run at the championship while Price and Crispell are two other names to keep an eye on.




Wrestlers to Watch:


Brian Burburija - FL

Parker Ferrell - VA

Dakota Hagedorn - WV

Anthony Mannella - GA

Lorenzo Norman - NJ

Landon Taylor - FL


Notes: Lorenzo Norman is a 2018 Super 32 silver medalist who is joined by Florida State Champion Brian Burburija and Landon Taylor. Others to watch include West Virginia State Champion Dakota Hagedorn, Virginia Triple Crown winner Parker Ferrell and Georgia standout Anthony Mannella.




Wrestlers to Watch:


Erick Brothers Jr. - WV

Joshua Cordio - MA

AJ Fricchione - NY


Notes: Brothers Jr is a Flo National Champion while Cordio is a Super 23 placer and Fricchione is a Tulsa National place winner.




Wrestlers to Watch:


Omaury Alvarez - GA

Andrew Frazier - NC

Jack Lamey - AL

Justin O’Nello - NJ


Notes: Alvarez is a 7-time Georgia state champion who will be one of the favorites in the 165-pound bracket. He’ll be joined by North Carolina state champion Andrew Frazier, Alabama state champion Jack Lamey and New Jersey champion Justin O’Nello.




Wrestlers to Watch:


Noah Casto - WV

Brady Colbert - VA

Gabriel Garibaldi - NY

Owen Sunerland - UT


Notes: The favorite in this bracket will be Colbert who is a Super 32 Champion and a Tulsa runner-up. He’ll be challenged by two-time Tournament of Champion gold medalist Noah Castro and New York high school wrestler Gabriel Garibaldi and Utah Super State champion Owen Sunderland.




Wrestlers to Watch:


Nicholas Bowser - OH

Carson Hall - AL

Jim Mullen - NJ


Notes: Bowser is a defending Freak Show Champion while Mullen is a five-time New Jersey State Champion who was undefeated at the VAC Holiday Duals. Others to watch here include Liberty National Champion Carson Hall and Pennsylvania’s Jacob Scott.


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