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2019 Minnesota Freestyle State Championship Recap

The Minnesota Kids USA Wrestling Freestyle State Championships took place last weekend as more than 100 youth wrestlers competed for the gold.


Taking home the 87-pound title with a perfect 3-0 record was Alex Diederich of High Flyers. He won his first two bouts by tech-fall and then defeated  Nolan Ambrose Of Flat Earth by fall in 1:09 to claim the top spot.


Landon Robideau Of STMA captured the 97-pound bracket by posting a 4-0 record. He won two bouts by tech-fall, one by fall and his championship by shutout decision 8-0.


Finally it was Zach Hanson of Farmville who won the 106-pound championship. He posted a perfect 4-0 record which included a 12-2 tech-fall victory over Kale Geiser of Frontier Wrestling Club in the gold medal match.


Here is a look at the top place winners in each schoolboy weight class.



1st Place - Jacob Fitzpatrick of LAW

2nd Place - Logan Schwanz of No Nonsense

3rd Place - Jaxon Mikolyzk of Prior Lake Wrestling Club

4th Place - Tygan Long of Benson


1st Place Match

Jacob Fitzpatrick (LAW) over Logan Schwanz (No Nonsense) TF 10-0

1st Place Match

Jaxon Mikolyzk (Prior Lake Wrestling Club) over Tygan Long (Benson) TF 10-0



1st Place - Logan Swensen of Wayzata

2nd Place - Blake Beissel of Hastings Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Carson Petry of Pinnacle Wrestling Club

4th Place - John Pelarski of Scoring Edge


1st Place Match

Logan Swensen (Wayzata) over Blake Beissel (Hastings Wrestling Club) TF 15-4

2nd Place Match

Blake Beissel (Hastings Wrestling Club) over Carson Petry (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) Dec 11-6



1st Place - Riley Graber of Summit Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Parker Lyden of Forest Lake Wrestling

3rd Place - Mason Mills of High Flyers

4th Place - Simon Kruse of Mankato Area Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

Riley Graber (Summit Wrestling Academy) over Parker Lyden (Forest Lake Wrestling) TF 11-0

3rd Place Match

Mason Mills (High Flyers) over Simon Kruse (Mankato Area Wrestling Club) TF 12-0



1st Place - Alex Diederich of High Flyers

2nd Place - Nolan Ambrose of Flat Earth

3rd Place - Jacob Benson-Vick of Coon Rapids Mat Bandits Wrestl

4th Place - Raydon Bipes of No Nonsense


1st Place Match

Alex Diederich (High Flyers) over Nolan Ambrose (Flat Earth) Fall 1:09

3rd Place Match

Jacob Benson-Vick (Coon Rapids Mat Bandits Wrestl) over Raydon Bipes (No Nonsense) Fall 1:24



1st Place - Tyler Wells of Highway Wrestling

2nd Place - Ian Schultz of STMA

3rd Place - Gavin Osborn of Bemidji

4th Place - Isaiah Germann of Scoring Edge


1st Place Match
Tyler Wells (Highway Wrestling) over Ian Schultz (STMA) TF 12-1

2nd Place Match

Ian Schultz (STMA) over Gavin Osborn (Bemidji) Fall 1:37



1st Place - Landon Robideau of STMA

2nd Place - Alex Braun of Summit Wrestling Academy

3rd Place - Matthew Randolph of Ghost Riders

4th Place - Conlan Carlson of Willmar


1st Place Match

Landon Robideau (STMA) over Alex Braun (Summit Wrestling Academy) Dec 8-0

3rd Place Match

Matthew Randolph (Ghost Riders) over Conlan Carlson (Willmar) Dec 12-11



1st Place - Leonard Tukhlynovych of Shakopee Mat Club

2nd Place - Cash Raymond of Farmville

3rd Place - Charles Petit of Wayzata

4th Place - Anthony Nelson of Mora


1st Place Match

Leonard Tukhlynovych (Shakopee Mat Club) over Cash Raymond (Farmville) TF 10-0

3rd Place Match

Charles Petit (Wayzata) over Anthony Nelson (Mora) TF 10-0



1st Place - Zach Hanson of Farmville

2nd Place - Kale Geiser of Frontier Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Lane Fink of Thor

4th Place - Caden Rose of Thor


1st Place Match

Zach Hanson (Farmville) over Kale Geiser (Frontier Wrestling Club) TF 12-2

3rd Place Match

Lane Fink (Thor) over Caden Rose (Thor) Dec 6-0



1st Place - Calvin Lonnquist of Wayzata

2nd Place - Michael Reinardy of Owatonna

3rd Place - Eli Kruse of Brotherhood Wrestling


1st Place Match

Calvin Lonnquist (Wayzata) over Michael Reinardy (Owatonna) TF 10-0
2nd Place Match

Michael Reinardy (Owatonna) over Eli Kruse (Brotherhood Wrestling) Fall 2:48



1st Place - Bryce Burkett of No Nonsense

2nd Place - Zak McPhee of Duluth

3rd Place - Parker Adkins of Highway Wrestling

4th Place - Ian Wittek of Anoka Youth Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

Bryce Burkett (No Nonsense) over Zak McPhee (Duluth) Dec 8-0

3rd Place Match

Parker Adkins (Highway Wrestling) over Ian Wittek (Anoka Youth Wrestling Club) TF 14-4



1st Place - Dylan Louwagie of Thor

2nd Place - Landon Nebel of Edina

3rd Place - Deagen Captain of Northwest Wrestling Club

4th Place - Josiah LeMire of Stillwater Wrestling Club


1st Place Match
Dylan Louwagie (Thor) over Landon Nebel (Edina) TF 11-1

2nd Place Match

Landon Nebel (Edina) over Deagen Captain (Northwest Wrestling Club) Fall 3:18



1st Place - Kyler Wong of Wayzata

2nd Place - Aydan Carlson of St. Francis Gladiators

3rd Place - Jed Wester of Pinnacle Wrestling Club

4th Place - Matthew Haley of Flat Earth


1st Place Match

Kyler Wong (Wayzata) over Aydan Carlson (St. Francis Gladiators) ID

3rd Place Match

Jed Wester (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) over Matthew Haley (Flat Earth) Fall 1:18



1st Place - Travis Smith of STMA

2nd Place - Noah Torgerson of Anoka Youth Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Griffin Lundeen of Frontier Wrestling Club

4th Place - Marco Christiansen of Pinnacle Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

Travis Smith (STMA) over Noah Torgerson (Anoka Youth Wrestling Club) TF 10-0

3rd Place Match

Griffin Lundeen (Frontier Wrestling Club) over Marco Christiansen (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) TF 10-0



1st Place - Bradee Dwinell of Waconia

2nd Place - Maximus Hanson of WCWC

3rd Place - Tate Link of House of Pain

4th Place - Josh Couch of rochester mayo


1st Place Match

Bradee Dwinell (Waconia) over Maximus Hanson (WCWC) TF 14-2



1st Place - Cole Han-Lindemyer of Farmville

2nd Place - Braylon Rach of Northwest Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Caleb Vancura of Flat Earth

4th Place - Isaiah Rodriguez of Flat Earth


1st Place Match

Cole Han-Lindemyer (Farmville) over Braylon Rach (Northwest Wrestling Club) TF 12-0

3rd Place Match

Caleb Vancura (Flat Earth) over Isaiah Rodriguez (Flat Earth) TF 10-0



1st Place - Heath Parrish of Kasson Mantorville



1st Place - J-Roc Solheim of Mounds View Mustangs Wrestling

2nd Place - Carson Schoenbauer of Ghost Riders


1st Place Match

J-Roc Solheim (Mounds View Mustangs Wrestling) over Carson Schoenbauer (Ghost Riders) Fall 1:18



1st Place - Will Sather of JJ Trained

2nd Place - Douglas Sabin of Park Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

Will Sather (JJ Trained) over Douglas Sabin (Park Wrestling Club) TF 10-0



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