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2019 Illinois Freestyle State Recap

Illinois USA Wrestling hosted the 2019 Illinois Freestyle State Championships last weekend when more than 165 schoolboy wrestlers competed for state gold.


Anthony Ruzic of Angry Lizard Wrestling Club led the way as he posted a perfect 4-0 record as he went unscored upon in the event. He won his first three bouts by shutout tech-fall 10-0 and then defeated Donald Cannon of DAWC in the title bout 6-0.


In the 90-pound bracket it was Edmund Enright of Mustang Wrestling Club who dominated his bracket by posting a perfect 5-0 record. He won four bouts by tech-fall shutout and another by fall in 1:01. He won the gold with a 11-0 tech-fall over teammate Jesus Herrera.


Finally it was Jayden Colon of Izzy Style Wrestling who posted a perfect 5-0 record. He won all five of his bouts by shutout tech-fall including his championship match where he defeated Braden Kelly of Granite City Wrestling Association 10-0.


Here is a look at the top place winners in each weight class.



1st Place - Rocco Hayes of Contender Wrestling

2nd Place - Drew Davis of Central Illinois Academy of Wr


1st Place Match

Rocco Hayes (Contender Wrestling) over Drew Davis (Central Illinois Academy of Wr) Dec 7-2



1st Place - Cole Gentsch of Angry Lizard Wrestling Club

2nd Place - Caleb Scott of King Select Wrestling

3rd Place - Valerie Hamilton of SOTC/ The Compound

4th Place - Kalani Khiev of Mat Rats Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

Cole Gentsch (Angry Lizard Wrestling Club) over Caleb Scott (King Select Wrestling) Fall 2:32

3rd Place Match

Valerie Hamilton (SOTC/ The Compound) over Kalani Khiev (Mat Rats Wrestling Club) Dec 9-4



1st Place - Anthony Ruzic of Angry Lizard Wrestling Club

2nd Place - Donald Cannon of DAWC

3rd Place - Joseph Lathwood of King Select Wrestling

4th Place - Saki Yoshikawa of The Wrestling Academy


1st Place Match

Anthony Ruzic (Angry Lizard Wrestling Club) over Donald Cannon (DAWC) Dec 6-0

3rd Place Match

Joseph Lathwood (King Select Wrestling) over Saki Yoshikawa (The Wrestling Academy) TF 10-0



1st Place - Javin Jackson-Bey of Harvey Twisters

2nd Place - Dominic Ducato of Beast Mode

3rd Place - Tallen Pawlak of Junior Illini WC

4th Place - Ty Edwards of Team 1006 Wrestling


1st Place Match

Javin Jackson-Bey (Harvey Twisters) over Dominic Ducato (Beast Mode) Dec 8-6

3rd Place Match

Tallen Pawlak (Junior Illini WC) over Ty Edwards (Team 1006 Wrestling) Fall 2:24



1st Place - Edmund Enright of Mustang WC

2nd Place - Jesus Herrera of Mustang WC

3rd Place - Dominick Marre of Gomez

4th Place - Levi Greenlee of Gentry Elite


1st Place Match

Edmund Enright (Mustang WC) over Jesus Herrera (Mustang WC) TF 11-0

3rd Place Match

Dominick Marre (Gomez) over Levi Greenlee (Gentry Elite) Fall 1:09



1st Place - Joshua Vazquez of Izzy Style Wrestling

2nd Place - Jameson Garcia of Gomez

3rd Place - Bryce Griffin of Quest

4th Place - Christian Chavez of SCN Youth Wrestling


1st Place Match

Joshua Vazquez (Izzy Style Wrestling) over Jameson Garcia (Gomez) TF 10-0

3rd Place Match

Bryce Griffin (Quest) over Christian Chavez (SCN Youth Wrestling) Fall 1:21



1st Place - Colby Crouch of Quest

2nd Place - Alexander Marre of Izzy Style Wrestling

3rd Place - James Wright of Greg Gomez Trained Wrestling

4th Place - Harrison Konder of Downers Grove Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

Colby Crouch (Quest) over Alexander Marre (Izzy Style Wrestling) Dec 15-6

3rd Place Match

James Wright (Greg Gomez Trained Wrestling) over Harrison Konder (Downers Grove Wrestling Club) TF 11-1



1st Place - Thomas Silva of DAWC

2nd Place - Jason Bowers of Dakota Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Jacob Luce of Hurricane WC

4th Place - Alex Watson of Young Guns WC


1st Place Match

Thomas Silva (DAWC) over Jason Bowers (Dakota Wrestling Club) Dec 14-10

3rd Place Match

Jacob Luce (Hurricane WC) over Alex Watson (Young Guns WC) TF 13-2



1st Place - Brock Smith of Young Guns WC

2nd Place - Omar Samayoa of Izzy Style Wrestling

3rd Place - Claudio Torres of Izzy Style Wrestling

4th Place - Anthony Streib of ISI School of Wrestling


1st Place Match

Brock Smith (Young Guns WC) over Omar Samayoa (Izzy Style Wrestling) Dec 8-4

3rd Place Match

Claudio Torres (Izzy Style Wrestling) over Anthony Streib (ISI School of Wrestling) Dec 8-8



1st Place - Jackson Gillen of Izzy Style Wrestling

2nd Place - Nathan Beltran of The Wrestling Academy

3rd Place - Drew Landau of Quest

4th Place - Michael Calcagno of Izzy Style Wrestling


1st Place Match

Jackson Gillen (Izzy Style Wrestling) over Nathan Beltran (The Wrestling Academy) TF 14-4

3rd Place Match

Drew Landau (Quest) over Michael Calcagno (Izzy Style Wrestling) Dec 14-10



1st Place - Jacob Redington of Dakota Wrestling Club

2nd Place - Caleb Mays of AJ Junior Wildcat WC

3rd Place - Collin Carrigan of Izzy Style Wrestling

4th Place - Nikko Rosenbloom of Team Poeta


1st Place Match

Jacob Redington (Dakota Wrestling Club) over Caleb Mays (AJ Junior Wildcat WC) Fall 1:59

3rd Place Match

Collin Carrigan (Izzy Style Wrestling) over Nikko Rosenbloom (Team Poeta) TF 10-0



1st Place - Kyle Lindsey of Saddle Up Wrestling Club

2nd Place - Tyler Martinez of Izzy Style Wrestling

3rd Place - Trevor Skoda of Mat Rats Wrestling Club

4th Place - Drew Torza of Izzy Style Wrestling


1st Place Match

Kyle Lindsey (Saddle Up Wrestling Club) over Tyler Martinez (Izzy Style Wrestling) TF 10-0

3rd Place Match

Trevor Skoda (Mat Rats Wrestling Club) over Drew Torza (Izzy Style Wrestling) TF 12-2



1st Place - David Mayora of Izzy Style Wrestling

2nd Place - Billy Lindsey of Saddle Up Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Blake Hinrichsen of OS/WN

4th Place - Nicholas Nosler of OS/WN


1st Place Match

David Mayora (Izzy Style Wrestling) over Billy Lindsey (Saddle Up Wrestling Club) TF 10-0

3rd Place Match

Blake Hinrichsen (OS/WN) over Nicholas Nosler (OS/WN) Dec 10-9



1st Place - Jayden Colon of Izzy Style Wrestling

2nd Place - Braden Kelly of Granite City Wrestling Associa

3rd Place - Shamon Handegan of Pekin Boys & Girls Club

4th Place - Connor Cumbee of Callan


1st Place Match

Jayden Colon (Izzy Style Wrestling) over Braden Kelly (Granite City Wrestling Associa) TF 10-0

3rd Place Match

Shamon Handegan (Pekin Boys & Girls Club) over Connor Cumbee (Callan) TF 10-0



1st Place - Dominic Thebeau of Greenfield Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Jack Seacrist of Alpha Wrestling Academy

3rd Place - Jalen Curtis of Greg Gomez Trained Wrestling

4th Place - Aidan Nolting of Colt Wrestling


1st Place Match

Dominic Thebeau (Greenfield Wrestling Academy) over Jack Seacrist (Alpha Wrestling Academy) Fall 1:16

3rd Place Match

Jalen Curtis (Greg Gomez Trained Wrestling) over Aidan Nolting (Colt Wrestling) Dec 12-6



1st Place - Noah Wenzel of Hurricane WC

2nd Place - Conor Phelan of Beebe Trained

3rd Place - Brian Petrancosta of Gomez

4th Place - William Ardson of Greg Gomez Trained Wrestling


1st Place Match

Noah Wenzel (Hurricane WC) over Conor Phelan (Beebe Trained) TF 14-4

3rd Place Match

Brian Petrancosta (Gomez) over William Ardson (Greg Gomez Trained Wrestling) Dec 11-6



1st Place - Benjamin Krueger of The Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Giovanni Hernandez of Team 312


1st Place Match

Benjamin Krueger (The Wrestling Academy) over Giovanni Hernandez (Team 312) TF 12-2



1st Place - Tyler Johnston of Blackhawks Wrestling

2nd Place - Lee Smith Jr. of DAWC

3rd Place - Seth Skamra of Headlock Wrestling Academy

4th Place - Ali Haroun of Quest


1st Place - Tyler Johnston (Blackhawks Wrestling) over Lee Smith Jr. (DAWC) TF 14-4
3rd Place - Seth Skamra (Headlock Wrestling Academy) over Tyler Johnston (Blackhawks Wrestling) Dec 3-3


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