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2019 Grand River Rumble Folkstyle Recap

The Grand River Rumble Folkstyle Championship took place this past weekend at the Lansing Center in Lansing, Michigan. More than 195 15 and under wrestlers competed in the event and below we take a look at the top place winners in each of the different weight classes. 


Louden Stradling of Arsenal dominated the 100-pound weight class as he posted a perfect 4-0 record. He won his first bout by fall, then one by tech-fall before rattling off back-to-back tech-fall victories to claim the top spot. 


In the 110-pound bracket it was Brock Woodcock of Purler Wrestling Academy who went unscored upon in his four bouts as he won three by shutout tech-fall and another by fall. He took home the gold when he defeated Alexander Ocampo of Beast Mode Wrestling Club 15-0. 


Here is a look at the top place winners. 



1st Place - Javaan Yarbrough of Arsenal

2nd Place - Isaiah Cortez of Gilroy Hawks

3rd Place - Colyn Limbert of Samson

4th Place - Dillon Perdue of All American wrestling club


1st Place Match

Javaan Yarbrough (Arsenal) won in sudden victory - 1 over Isaiah Cortez (Gilroy Hawks) (SV-1 6-2)

3rd Place Match

Colyn Limbert (Samson) won by decision over Dillon Perdue (All American wrestling club) (Dec 7-4)



1st Place - Seth Mendoza of Region wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Elijah Cortez of Gilroy Hawks

3rd Place - Bo Bassett of Young Guns

4th Place - Javin `j-rock` Jackson-Bey of Whitted Trained


1st Place Match

Seth Mendoza (Region wrestling Academy) won by decision over Elijah Cortez (Gilroy Hawks) (Dec 4-3)

3rd Place Match

Bo Bassett (Young Guns) won by decision over Javin `j-rock` Jackson-Bey (Whitted Trained) (Dec 6-0)



1st Place - Daniel Zepeda of Gilroy Hawks

2nd Place - Nico Fanella of All American wrestling club

3rd Place - Jaxon Joy of wadsworth grizzly w c

4th Place - Tahir Parkins of Compound


1st Place Match

Daniel Zepeda (Gilroy Hawks) won by fall over Nico Fanella (All American wrestling club) (Fall 3:34)

3rd Place Match

Jaxon Joy (wadsworth grizzly w c) won by major decision over Tahir Parkins (Compound) (Maj 9-1)



1st Place - Brycen Arbogast of Powerhouse Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Carson Thomas of Homer

3rd Place - Jack Keller of GRWA

4th Place - Charlie Fitzgerald of Crystal Lake Wizards


1st Place Match

Brycen Arbogast (Powerhouse Wrestling Academy) won by decision over Carson Thomas (Homer) (Dec 4-1)

3rd Place Match

Jack Keller (GRWA) won in sudden victory - 1 over Charlie Fitzgerald (Crystal Lake Wizards) (SV-1 6-4)



1st Place - Louden Stradling of Arsenal

2nd Place - Donny Feeler of Feeler

3rd Place - Rj Thome of Fremont

4th Place - Joseph Liescheski of Whitted Trained


1st Place Match

Louden Stradling (Arsenal) won by major decision over Donny Feeler (Feeler) (Maj 11-1)

3rd Place Match

Rj Thome (Fremont) won by decision over Joseph Liescheski (Whitted Trained) (Dec 8-4)



1st Place - Logan Miller of Contenders Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Christopher Earnest of Battlezone

3rd Place - Ernie Perry of All American wrestling club

4th Place - Charlie Bunting of The Compound


1st Place Match

Logan Miller (Contenders Wrestling Academy) won by major decision over Christopher Earnest (Battlezone) (Maj 8-0)

3rd Place Match

Ernie Perry (All American wrestling club) won by decision over Charlie Bunting (The Compound) (Dec 7-0)



1st Place - Brock Woodcock of Purler Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Alexander Ocampo of Beast Mode Wrestling Club IN

3rd Place - Weston Dalton of Team USA

4th Place - Zack Fierro of Gilroy Hawks


1st Place Match

Brock Woodcock (Purler Wrestling Academy) won by tech fall over Alexander Ocampo (Beast Mode Wrestling Club IN) (TF 16-0)

3rd Place Match

Weston Dalton (Team USA) won by fall over Zack Fierro (Gilroy Hawks) (Fall 1:10)



1st Place - Dylan Coy of Unattached

2nd Place - John Morgan of Northern Elite Pitbulls

3rd Place - Jason Shaw of King Select Wrestling

4th Place - Mikus Bishop of Silverback Academy


1st Place Match

Dylan Coy (Unattached) won by major decision over John Morgan (Northern Elite Pitbulls) (Maj 9-0)

3rd Place Match

Jason Shaw (King Select Wrestling) won by decision over Mikus Bishop (Silverback Academy) (Dec 6-4)



1st Place - Jude Correa of Doughboy Wrestling Club

2nd Place - John Damico of Phoenix WC

3rd Place - Ian Heath of Elite Athletic Club

4th Place - Nicholas Tattini of Elite Athletic Club


1st Place Match

Jude Correa (Doughboy Wrestling Club) won by decision over John Damico (Phoenix WC) (Dec 6-2)

3rd Place Match

Ian Heath (Elite Athletic Club) won by fall over Nicholas Tattini (Elite Athletic Club) (Fall 2:22)



1st Place - Dominic Lopez of DC Elite

2nd Place - Maxwell Wise of Tri Valley Wlite

3rd Place - John (Noah) Reho of Phoenix WC

4th Place - Harvey Ludington of Rhino


1st Place Match

Dominic Lopez (DC Elite) won by decision over Maxwell Wise (Tri Valley Wlite) (Dec 3-2)

3rd Place Match

John (Noah) Reho (Phoenix WC) won by decision over Harvey Ludington (Rhino) (Dec 2-0)



1st Place - Orlando Cruz of Bulldog Premier Wrestling

2nd Place - Jerome Anderson of Elite Athletic Club

3rd Place - Tom Bennett of Team Gotcha

4th Place - Landon Buchanon of Jimtown Wrestling Club


1st Place Match

Orlando Cruz (Bulldog Premier Wrestling) won by fall over Jerome Anderson (Elite Athletic Club) (Fall 0:22)

3rd Place Match

Tom Bennett (Team Gotcha) won by injury default over Landon Buchanon (Jimtown Wrestling Club) (Inj. 0:00)



1st Place - Chance Cole of Purler Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Jack Creasy of Osage

3rd Place - Donald Dorich of Illinois Cornstars

4th Place - Cole Karpinski of All American wrestling club


1st Place Match

Chance Cole (Purler Wrestling Academy) won in sudden victory - 1 over Jack Creasy (Osage) (SV-1 5-3)

3rd Place Match

Donald Dorich (Illinois Cornstars) won by decision over Cole Karpinski (All American wrestling club) (Dec 4-2)



1st Place - Noah VanDreumel of ARES

2nd Place - Alex Lukaschunis of Titan Wrestling Academy

3rd Place - Riley Riggen of Dixon High School

4th Place - Andrew Quinn of unaffiliated


1st Place Match

Noah VanDreumel (ARES) won by fall over Alex Lukaschunis (Titan Wrestling Academy) (Fall 4:29)

3rd Place Match

Riley Riggen (Dixon High School) won by decision over Andrew Quinn (unaffiliated) (Dec 6-1)


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