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2018 Greco-Roman National Championship Recap

The third and final leg of the USA Wrestling National Triple Crown concluded last weekend as more than 290 wrestlers competed in the 2018 Greco-Roman National Championships.


Cory Land of Alabama won the 102-pound national championship by winning three straight matches by tech-fall and then defeating Pennsylvania standout Pierson Manville in the title bout 10-3.


In the 106-pound bracket it was Brennan Van Hoecke of Florida who put on a strong performance as he won all four of his bouts by tech-fall. He took home the top spot when he defeated second-seeded Isaac Hegg of Virginia 10-0.


Xerarch Tungjaroenkul of Kansas put on a dominating performance in the 110-pound bracket was he won his first two bouts by fall and then picked up two more victories which included a 10-4 win over Avery Allen of Montana in the gold medal match.


Here is a look at the top place winners in each of the schoolboy brackets.



1st Place - Zan Fugitt of Missouri

2nd Place - Mack Mauger of Idaho

3rd Place - Luke Lilledahl of Missouri

4th Place - Angelo Di Pol of South Dakota


1st Place Match

Zan Fugitt (Missouri) won by decision over Mack Mauger (Idaho) (Dec 8-2)

3rd Place Match

Luke Lilledahl (Missouri) won by decision over Angelo Di Pol (South Dakota) (Dec 6-0)



1st Place - Kolby Warren of Missouri

2nd Place - Braden Tatum of Kansas

3rd Place - Nathan Payton of Georgia

4th Place - Cael Alderman of Kansas


1st Place Match

Kolby Warren (Missouri) won by tech fall over Braden Tatum (Kansas) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match

Nathan Payton (Georgia) won by decision over Cael Alderman (Kansas) (Dec 6-4)



1st Place - Kael Lauridsen of Nebraska

2nd Place - Aden Valencia of California

3rd Place - Kaedyn Williams of Pennsylvania

4th Place - Jameson Garcia of Illinois


1st Place Match

Kael Lauridsen (Nebraska) won by decision over Aden Valencia (California) (Dec 9-8)

3rd Place Match

Kaedyn Williams (Pennsylvania) won by tech fall over Jameson Garcia (Illinois) (TF 11-1)



1st Place - Zachary Silvis of Minnesota

2nd Place - Kamdyn Williams of Pennsylvania

3rd Place - Mitchell Neiner of Washington

4th Place - Dylan Gilcher of Michigan


1st Place Match

Zachary Silvis (Minnesota) won by decision over Kamdyn Williams (Pennsylvania) (Dec 6-1)

2nd Place Match

Kamdyn Williams (Pennsylvania) won by fall over Mitchell Neiner (Washington) (Fall 2:54)

3rd Place Match

Mitchell Neiner (Washington) won by tech fall over Dylan Gilcher (Michigan) (TF 11-0)



1st Place - Marc-anthony Mcgowan of Florida

2nd Place - Greyson Clark of Wisconsin

3rd Place - Zach Hanson of Minnesota

4th Place - Tanner Frothinger of Idaho


1st Place Match

Marc-anthony Mcgowan (Florida) won by decision over Zach Hanson (Minnesota) (Dec 10-5)

2nd Place Wrestleback

Greyson Clark (Wisconsin) won by decision over Zach Hanson (Minnesota) (Dec 7-6)

3rd Place Match

Greyson Clark (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Tanner Frothinger (Idaho) (TF 10-0)



1st Place - Clarence Moore of California

2nd Place - Kayd Craig of Idaho

3rd Place - Meyer Shapiro of Maryland

4th Place - Will Korth of Utah


1st Place Match

Clarence Moore (California) won by decision over Kayd Craig (Idaho) (Dec 4-1)

3rd Place Match

Meyer Shapiro (Maryland) won by decision over Will Korth (Utah) (Dec 9-2)



1st Place - Cory Land of Alabama

2nd Place - Pierson Manville of Pennsylvania

3rd Place - Christian Moder of Florida

4th Place - Zane Licht of Wisconsin


1st Place Match

Cory Land (Alabama) won by decision over Pierson Manville (Pennsylvania) (Dec 10-3)

3rd Place Match

Christian Moder (Florida) won by tech fall over Zane Licht (Wisconsin) (TF 10-0)



1st Place - Brennan Van Hoecke of Florida

2nd Place - Corbin Ramos of Wisconsin

3rd Place - Isaac Hegg of Virginia

4th Place - Evan Herriman of Michigan


1st Place Match

Brennan Van Hoecke (Florida) won by tech fall over Isaac Hegg (Virginia) (TF 10-0)

2nd Place Match

Corbin Ramos (Wisconsin) won by fall over Isaac Hegg (Virginia) (Fall 1:21)

3rd Place Match

Corbin Ramos (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Evan Herriman (Michigan) (TF 12-2)



1st Place - Xerarch Tungjaroenkul of Kansas

2nd Place - Avery Allen of Montana

3rd Place - Garrett Lyons of Missouri

4th Place - Sean Coughlin of Virginia


1st Place Match

Xerarch Tungjaroenkul (Kansas) won by decision over Avery Allen (Montana) (Dec 10-4)

3rd Place Match

Garrett Lyons (Missouri) won by decision over Sean Coughlin (Virginia) (Dec 9-8)



1st Place - Brock Bobzien of California

2nd Place - Dylan Elmore of Kansas

3rd Place - Anthony Tiamzon-aniciete of Nevada

4th Place - Sawyer Bartelt of Florida


1st Place Match

Brock Bobzien (California) won by decision over Dylan Elmore (Kansas) (Dec 8-6)

2nd Place Wrestleback

Dylan Elmore (Kansas) won by decision over Anthony Tiamzon-aniciete (Nevada) (Dec 7-2)

3rd Place Match

Anthony Tiamzon-aniciete (Nevada) won by decision over Sawyer Bartelt (Florida) (Dec 4-2)



1st Place - Chapman McKown of Oklahoma

2nd Place - Zachary Tittle of Colorado

3rd Place - Joshua Barr of Michigan

4th Place - Joseph Olalde of Illinois


1st Place Match

Chapman McKown (Oklahoma) won by tech fall over Zachary Tittle (Colorado) (TF 13-2)

2nd Place Wrestleback

Zachary Tittle (Colorado) won by tech fall over Joshua Barr (Michigan) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match

Joshua Barr (Michigan) won by decision over Joseph Olalde (Illinois) (Dec 7-6)



1st Place - Antrell Taylor of Nebraska

2nd Place - Ryder Rogotzke of Minnesota

3rd Place - Jared Keslar of Pennsylvania

4th Place - George Trujillo of Washington


1st Place Match

Antrell Taylor (Nebraska) won by tech fall over Ryder Rogotzke (Minnesota) (TF 14-4)

2nd Place Match

Ryder Rogotzke (Minnesota) won by fall over Jared Keslar (Pennsylvania) (Fall 2:31)

3rd Place Match

Jared Keslar (Pennsylvania) won by fall over George Trujillo (Washington) (Fall 3:08)


1st Place - Ethan Birch of California

2nd Place - John Purdy of Indiana

3rd Place - Juan Garcia of Colorado

4th Place - Corey R Camden of Texas


1st Place Match

Ethan Birch (California) won by fall over John Purdy (Indiana) (Fall 1:05)

3rd Place Match

Juan Garcia (Colorado) won by decision over Corey R Camden (Texas) (Dec 8-5)



1st Place - Thor Michaelson of Washington

2nd Place - Brian Gordon of Virginia

3rd Place - Drake Buchanan of Indiana

4th Place - Tate Naaktgeboren of Iowa


1st Place Match

Thor Michaelson (Washington) won by decision over Brian Gordon (Virginia) (Dec 6-6)

2nd Place Wrestleback

Brian Gordon (Virginia) won by decision over Drake Buchanan (Indiana) (Dec 13-11)

3rd Place Match

Drake Buchanan (Indiana) won by fall over Tate Naaktgeboren (Iowa) (Fall 2:00)



1st Place - Gavin Nelson of Minnesota

2nd Place - Nicholas Hall of Delaware

3rd Place - Enzo Morlacci of Pennsylvania

4th Place - Bradley Gillum of Illinois


1st Place Match

Gavin Nelson (Minnesota) won by decision over Nicholas Hall (Delaware) (Dec 9-8)

3rd Place Match

Enzo Morlacci (Pennsylvania) won by decision over Bradley Gillum (Illinois) (Dec 8-4)



1st Place - Ashton Davis of Tennessee

2nd Place - Bryce Simmons of Michigan

3rd Place - Omaury Alvarez of Georgia

4th Place - Aidan McLaughlin of Kansas


1st Place Match

Ashton Davis (Tennessee) won by fall over Bryce Simmons (Michigan) (Fall 1:21)

2nd Place Wrestleback

Bryce Simmons (Michigan) won by decision over Omaury Alvarez (Georgia) (Dec 8-6)

3rd Place Match

Omaury Alvarez (Georgia) won by fall over Aidan McLaughlin (Kansas) (Fall 1:14)


1st Place - Quentin Saunders of Kansas

2nd Place - Logan Badge of Michigan

3rd Place - Leighton Jones of Indiana

4th Place - Jamikael Lytle of Connecticut


1st Place Match

Quentin Saunders (Kansas) won by decision over Logan Badge (Michigan) (Dec 7-1)

3rd Place Match

Leighton Jones (Indiana) won by fall over Jamikael Lytle (Connecticut) (Fall 1:06)



1st Place - Jaren Rohde of Wisconsin

2nd Place - Ryan Boersma of Illinois

3rd Place - Alex Semenenko of New York

4th Place - Eathan Westfall of Michigan


1st Place Match

Jaren Rohde (Wisconsin) won by decision over Ryan Boersma (Illinois) (Dec 7-6)

2nd Place Wrestleback

Ryan Boersma (Illinois) won by decision over Alex Semenenko (New York) (Dec 8-6)

3rd Place Match

Alex Semenenko (New York) won by tech fall over Eathan Westfall (Michigan) (TF 17-5)



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