13U Fillies-Robbins is dominating fall ball in the Fort Meyers area | Youth1

13U Fillies-Robbins is dominating fall ball in the Fort Meyers area

With the 2018 USSSA fastpitch season is officially underway, the Fillies-Robbins (Fort Meyers, FL) 13U squad has already strung together an impressive overall record of 13-4-1 so far this fall. Lead by Manager Justin Robbins, we’ll take an inside look as to why we’re putting the Fillies-Robbins in the fastpitch team spotlight.

Throughout the fall, the Fillies-Robbins 13U squad have put together a collection of impressive stats and first place finishes. Back in October, the team took 1st at Lace ‘em up PINK by going 5-0, producing 40 runs offensively, while allowing just one run against. Highlights from that tournament included, an out-of-the-park grand slam from Emma Heyman, and two inside-the-park homeruns from Justine Robbins. The squad’s defensive talents shown through during the championship game, as they would find themselves with bases loaded and zero outs. The team was able to get out of the jam without letting a single run score, and that momentum carried them towards victory.

The team also took first in October at Field of Screams, once again going 5-0 in tournament play, producing 51 runs offensively, while not allowing a single run to cross the plate. During tournament play, the girls averaged 10.2 runs per game.

We caught up with team manager Robbins on his team’s continued success thus far, and got his thoughts on the team’s success.

“The team has been playing great recently and continue to try to improve each and every day. Our goals are simple, be better when you leave than when you arrived and hold each other accountable for the teams desire to improve daily. We have a great group of young ladies that are playing great TOGETHER softball. We have been working hard and continue to add new training to our weekly practices which include private team hitting, private team speed and agility training in conjunction with team practices. We have out-scored our opponents significantly at our age level due to our focus on limiting the errors and staying fundamentally focused. We have goals based on each player and position within each game. We, the coaches, challenged our team recently to not allow more than 3 errors over 5 games, and then switched it to not allowing any runs over the tournament in order to keep them engaged in playing to their skill level.”

From the mound defensively, pitchers have been focused on first pitch strikes, and as a team, is currently averaging 80% first pitch strikes.

Coach Robbins also went on to explain that due to the recent high level of play, his team will continue to play up in age brackets in order to continue to put pressure on the girls’ development.

The 13U Fillies-Robbins is comprised of Alexa Bent, Emma Heyman, Hannah Jackson, Bailey Pape, Libertie Schatzman, Madelyn Tejeda, Joey Trawick, Savannah Collins, Haley Morales, Kylee Vagle, Tyra Perry, Samantha Sette, and Justine Robbins.


Written by: Erika Yackulic



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