All-Star Teams Announced for the 2017 US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Interregionals | Youth1

All-Star Teams Announced for the 2017 US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Interregionals

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All-Star Teams Announced for the 2017 US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Interregionals

Thanksgiving Interregional News | Florida Interregional News

FRISCO, Texas (Dec. 13, 2017) – US Youth Soccer is proud to announce the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (ODP) All-Star teams for the 2017 ODP Boys Thanksgiving Interregional as well as the ODP Boys Florida Interregional.

The Thanksgiving Interregional took place Nov. 23-27 at Grande Sports World in Casa Grande, Ariz., as games were played Nov. 25-27. Participating teams consisted of elite players in the 2003 and 2004 age groups from each of the four US Youth Soccer Regions – East, Midwest, South and West.

The Florida Interregional occurred Nov. 29-Dec. 3 at Lakewood Ranch High School in Bradenton, Fla., as games took place Dec. 1-3. The event featured elite players in the 2000, 2001 and 2002 age groups from each region.

The US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Interregional events included players that were selected from US Youth Soccer State Association and Regional level evaluations. Throughout the event, players attended training sessions and competed in matches in front of U.S. Soccer national staff and collegiate coaches for the opportunity to be selected to a higher level of play.

With programs in all 55 US Youth Soccer State Associations, US Youth Soccer ODP, the original Olympic development program, is available to any player. US Youth Soccer ODP is the only elite player development program that can claim members of Major League Soccer, the National Women’s Soccer League, and the majority of current and past national and youth national team members, as alumni. To learn more, visit

2017 US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Thanksgiving Interregional 2004 All-Star Team

Name Position Region
Nathaniel Smith Midfield East
Robin Pestka Forward East
James Basculima Forward East
Alexander Hafer Defender East
Landon Mahoney Forward East
Kyle Pollar Defender East
Alan Alcala Forward Midwest
Sam Moore Forward Midwest
Rhys Ward Defender Midwest
James Gardev Defender Midwest
Matt Webb Midfield South
Daniel Guttierrez Forward South
Gabriel Russo Defender South
Chadwick Booth Midfield West
Logan Capito Forward West
Frank Brunnemann Midfield West
Alexander Cano Defender West
Blake Bernal Forward West

2017 US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Thanksgiving Interregional 2003 All-Star Team

Name Position Region
Adam Lundegard Midfield East
Malcolm Brickhouse Midfield East
Marlon Montessero Midfield East
Ben Mazza-Bergeron Defender East
Tyler Guadagno Forward East
Kaden Cripe Forward Midwest
Alexandra Diac Defender Midwest
Zacary Kelly Keeper Midwest
O'Neil Dawes Defender South
Marco Romero Forward South
Ricky Ybarra Defender South
Jonathan Mennell Keeper South
Kevin Lomeli Forward West
Nicolas Bellini Forward West
Reiz Corpus Midfield West
Dante Silvestri Defender West
Christian Nydegger Midfield West
Joshua Hieber Defender West

2017 US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Florida Interregional 2002 All-Star Team

Name Position Region
Stephen Betz Defender East
Jackson Dixon Defender East
Chima Obinna Midfield East
Joshua De Velder Defender Midwest
Jackson Finnegan Forward Midwest
Alan Johnson Keeper Midwest
Brody Shilling Midfield Midwest
Jackson Stencel Defender Midwest
Clarence Weah Midfield Midwest
Henry Regalado Midfield South
Connor Smith Midfield South
Damon Williams Forward South
Jadon Bowton Keeper West
Adrian Galindo Forward West
Caleb Kiner Defender West
Kalani Kossa-Rienzi Defender West
Marcel Salceda Midfield West
Ilijah Paul Forward West

2017 US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Florida Interregional 2001 All-Star Team

Name Position Region
Carter Houlihan Defender East
Nevin Baer Defender East
Thomas Hoy Midfield East
Mitchell Lyons Midfield East
Ezau Milan Forward Midwest
Keaton Woods Defender Midwest
Andrew Nicholson Keeper Midwest
Jaden Jones Reily  Forward South
Ben Roberts Keeper South
Logan Stoltenborg   Defender South
Zayne Zezulka   Midfield South
Jesus Iniguez   Defender South
Diego Aragon Midfield West
Avery Whipple Midfield West
Kevin Lopes Midfield West
Nick Bourgeois Defender West
Dylan Rodriguez Defender West
Edwin Aquino Forward West

2017 US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Florida Interregional 2000 All-Star Team

Name Position Region
Craig Potts Defender East
Tate Mohney Forward East
Sebastian Rojek Defender East
Patrick Adams Midfield East
Levi Owen Keeper East
Connor Hester Midfield East
Jackson Meyer   Midwest
Dylan Sing   Midwest
Loren Altman   Midwest
Tristan Stotler   Midwest
Paolo Gratton   Midwest
Reggie Nicolas Forward South
Alec Palanjian Midfield South
Jarvin Ramirez Midfield South
Eduardo Alba Keeper South
Justice Gomes Midfield West
Skyler Goo Forward West
CJ Neville Forward West

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