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2018’s Hannah Telleysh is drawing comparisons to Allie Long

Hannah Telleysh is one of the best players from the Orlando, FL area in the Class of 2018.


The 5-foot-10 Telleysh, who attended Lake Nona High School, is a dynamic center midfielder and center backer that is committed to the University of South Florida.


Telleysh has played for  FC America, Lake Nona Middle School, Lake Nona High School, Orlando City Elite Club National League and Orlando Pride Development Academy.


During her outstanding soccer career, Telleysh has already received plenty of recognition, such as:


3-year Olympic Development Program Region 3 team, ECNL National Camp, PUMA Elite Selection, Top Drawer Soccer top 75 girls 2018 class, All conference Sophomore- Junior year, All metro Junior Year, ID2 National Camp, Selected and written for ECNL Showcases as Stand Out Player.


Telleysh is humbled for the opportunities to showcase his skills.


“Given the opportunities and chances to play at the top level and perform well means more than words could describe. Being able to show my game and be recognized for it gives me a reason to want better and want more for my game,” Telleysh said. “Playing at this level and learning from the top coaches in the country is more than anything I imagined, going across the country to be watched by elevated level coaches gives me the reason to continue the game.”


No matter the opponent, on each play Telleysh is determined to give it his all.


Telleysh is going all out.


The motor is always at full throttle whenever Telleysh steps between the lines.


“At center midfielder my mindset is to be a playmaker and score goals,” Telleysh said. “At center back, I am there to protect my keeper and keep balls out of the net, block shots, make saves, and be a leader from the back.”

Telleysh has great passion and energy whenever she’s on the field. Green tells why he enjoys the game of soccer so much.


“The friendships and memories that have been created over the years make me love soccer more than I ever imagined,” Telleysh said. “The feeling of taking the pitch with people who would take a tackle for you is something you can’t beat”


Telleysh has learned many valuable lessons from playing soccer that she applies to his everyday life.


The main one is applying perspective to all situations.


“Playing soccer taught me you won’t always be told yes,” Telleysh said. “At times you will get denied and all you can do is stay hungry and continue to work at the game and make yourself a game changer that will stand out.”


Telleysh recalls her favorite soccer memory.


“At ECNL Nationals in Seattle, I scored the only goal of the game off a penalty kick,” Telleysh said. “In this game not only did I show very well, but as a team we worked till we had nothing left to beat one of the best teams in the country, with some of their players being National team players.”

Dan Tidmarsh has coached Telleysh from U14- U19 at FC America and Orlando City Youth Soccer Club.  Tidmarsh explains the best parts of Telleysh’s game.


“Hannah is very versatile. Her versatility was a massive asset for the team. Hannah or 'H' as she was nicknamed was so athletically superior to 99 percent of the opponents she played against she would dominate them,” Tidmarsh said.


Telleysh displays superb technique.


“At centre back - H is extremely powerful to outmuscle players off the ball and making them feel uncomfortable throwing them off their game. She is also very gifted at heading the ball which is a rarity in the girls game and any balls into the box at either end she was largely on the end of them,” Tidmarsh said. “As a #10, Hannah was allowed in a more free role. This suited her game as it took the shackles off her that she had playing in a more holding role. Hannah is one of the most naturally gifted ball strikers I've worked with and scored almost on a weekly basis from outside the box towards the end of her time with me.”

Telleysh takes her role as one of the leaders on the team very seriously. Telleysh makes sure she’s a daily positive influence on his peers.


“Being a good teammate is not always easy, having to speak up to be a leader on the pitch creates tension at times. Having to pull your team together when needed, or support some on bad days helped me as a player and helped me to find friends that will last a lifetime,” Telleysh said. “The best advice I have given one of my teammates is you can sit back and watch someone take what you want or go and get it for yourself.”


Tidmarsh adds that Telleysh is one of those consummate teammates that every squad needs to be successful.


“H really developed her leadership skills as she entered into her U16 year. She was always a leader in terms of physically pushing herself to compete but she really Matured into a vocal leader and her never say die attitude during that season,” Tidmarsh said. “She would demonstrate her leadership by taking on almost an assistant coach type of roll where we would dialogue on what we wanted then she would be the player on the field to make sure it was executed effectively.”


Telleysh is appreciative of having amazing role models that are supportive.


“I learned from my coaches that making my game look good isn’t always what matters, making the players around you look good as well makes you stand out as a player and a leader,” Telleysh said. “The best advice my coaches have given me is stay hungry and the only way you will make it where you want is if you push your game to the next level.”


Tidmarsh is an advocate of Telleysh’s capabilities.


“A game that springs to mind was at National play offs at under 16 against Slammers FC (California South) in Seattle,” Tidmarsh said. “Hannah held her nerve to score a penalty to beat them 1-0. Slammers are widely regarded as the one of the best clubs in the country and in a big national play off game that was very memorable and a special moment for her and her team.”


In addition to making clutch plays, Telleysh also has a high level of soccer IQ as well.


Telleysh has excellent awareness that puts her in position to thrive.


“H has a very natural instinct of understanding where balls will drop,” Tidmarsh said. “That anticipation of reading this made her a real goal threat at one end and a valuable asset at stopping them at the other.”


Telleysh is on the grind to perfect and hone her craft in any way possible.


“Hannah has a great work rate. As she moved up through the club the one area she improved in was consistency when she became frustrated,” Tidmarsh said. “She was able through working at it to channel these frustrations into becoming more vocal and driving force for her teammates.”


Tidmarsh explains why he compares Telleysh to this star athlete.


“Hannah most closely resembles current US national team player and a Seattle Reign midfielder Allie Long,” Tidmarsh said. “She is highly technical but also very competitive and a ball winner.”


Telleysh patterns her style of play after these standouts.


“A professional player I look up to is Carli LLyod, she is one of the best woman soccer players of all time and continues to score goals at center mid,” Telleysh said. “At center back someone I look up to is Sergio Ramos. This man plays the game with such control and gives many a reason to watch the game.”


Telleysh is constantly striving for greatness in everything that she does.


“My goal on the field is to be the best player I possibly can be. Being a game changer, being in top shape, working hard, scoring goals and defending with a purpose,” Telleysh said. “Off the field my goal is to graduate from USF and become a physical therapist later on.”


Telleysh is excited to join the University of South Florida.


“I made the decision to attend USF my sophomore year of high school. The feeling stepping onto campus, talking to Denise and Chris my coaches about the plans they have for me with such support made the decision easy,” Telleysh said. “Watching the team develop and become top 20 within the years made me work to become a better player and helped me decide this is where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life.”


Telleysh lists math as her favorite subject in school.


“Having a twin sister that doesn’t like the subject kind of forced me to enjoy the subject having to teach myself and her any math classes we had,” Telleysh said.


Tidmarsh outlines the next areas of improvement for Telleysh.


“I think her working on some of her tactical decision making as she nails down a position in her new collegiate career,” Tidmarsh said. “Denise and Chris Brown at USF I have no doubt with their staff through their program with training (team and functional) and video analysis will achieve this.”


Tidmarsh believes the sky is the limit as long as Telleysh continues to stay hungry.  


“Hannah is a special and unique talent. When you break down the four pillars of the game technical, tactical, physical and mental you really have a complete player. Hannah embodies all four,” Tidmarsh said. “I believe if Hannah stays injury free and continues with her focus to get better everyday she will receive an array of accolades at USF and post that she has the ability to go on to play pro should she so wish in the US or abroad. Myself and our staff are so proud of her and we wish her all the best. Look forward to watching her next year as she starts her next chapter.”



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