Youth1 and Zybek Sports announce strategic partnership to provide certified combine testing for youth athletes | Youth1

Youth1 and Zybek Sports announce strategic partnership to provide certified combine testing for youth athletes

Morristown, N.J./Broomfield,C.O. – Youth1 Media, LLC  of Parsippany, N.J., the largest digital youth sports media-coverage company, and Zybek Sports of Broomfield, Colorado, elite providers of talent identification and performance analysis equipment, have announced a strategic partnership. The Youth1-Zybek collaboration will provide fully-automated athletic testing systems for the Youth1 ACT, the only universal combine test aimed at youth athletes with standardized measurement across 5 key metrics to measure speed and explosive core strength, the foundations of athletic performance.

“We are very excited to join forces with Zybek Sports to run nation-wide combine testing for youth athletes,” said Laura Petrillo, President of Youth1 Media. “Zybek is the gold standard in athletic testing and data delivery.  They’ve been chosen by the NFL combine, Olympic Training Facility in Colorado Springs, thousands of high schools and colleges, and prestigious events across the U.S. for electronic measuring of athletes.”

Youth1 and Zybek Sports expect to test more than 500,000 athletes in 2018.  Youth1 will provide the platform for the athletes to post and promote their most recent scores on a Youth1 Player Profile on

Additionally each Y1ACT athlete will receive a Power Rating Index score and have access to  results compared with their age group and other athletes participating in their sport.

“Our mission is to provide athletes with reliable measurements--consistency in testing methodology is key to ensuring credibility and integrity--and valuable insights for improvement. Achieving the absolute best numbers possible for an individual athlete is of paramount importance to the athlete’s recruitment success. By decomposing their scores and identifying subtle training changes, we can influence future performance of youth and high school athletes on the field to get a head start in preparing for the recruiting and scouting process,” says Mike Weinstein, Founder and CEO, Zybek Sports.

In addition to the standard Y1ACT measurements of the 40-yard sprint, cone drill, vertical jump, long jump, and power press, Zybek and Youth1 have developed specific sport centered measurements that can be tested with event partners throughout the year.

Zybek Sports was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2008. Since its inception into the sports performance market, Zybek has secured its place among the elite providers of talent identification and performance analysis equipment. Products have been developed in cooperation with members of the NSCA as well as numerous local high school and university athletic programs around the state of Colorado. Working with the Olympic Training center, along with other institutions around the country, has enabled the company to grasp a feel for what  the consumer needs in  high-performance analysis equipment.


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