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Super Sophomore David Chen is Turning Heads

New Jersey Colonials of Morristown, NJ have been developing top end talent for years now. They have pushed players through to every level, post youth hockey. One player to start keeping an eye on is U16 Premier forward David Chen of Livingston, NJ. David has played his entire career with the NJ Colonials (something that is a rarity in todays youth hockey world).

David, Captain of the NJ Colonials U16 Premier team, is second on his team in scoring with 8 goals and 15 assists in 21 games. They play some of the best competition in the country on a weekly basis and David has been an over a point per game player the entire season. He notes that Belle Tire 03 AAA and Compuware AAA have been his toughest competition to date.

           “David is the embodiment of a Colonial. He has been a Colonial throughout his entire youth hockey journey and has been the captain for our U16 team this year. David is a highly skilled player, but it’s his dedication to the sport, and his ability to be a quality person that will help him advance in the game. I’ve had the opportunity to coach David while competing against some of the best players around the world (at the 03 birth year) and he is a player that always stands out and is a leader on and off the ice. David is the type of player that I would take on any team, at any level. “                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       -- Bill McCreary, NJ Colonials U16 Premier Coach

On top of the grueling schedule for his NJ Colonials team, David is also a member of the Montclair Kimberly Academy Varsity ice hockey team. As only a sophomore, David has exploded for a team leading 30 goals, 27 assists for 57 points in 15 games. Just last night he was named regular season MVP for the entire McInnis Division. That is quite an accomplishment for a sophomore in high school.

This season David has his eyes set on a few different goals. For this NJ Colonials team, he wants to not only make a run in district playoffs, but wanted to personally improve his physicality on the rink as well. For his high school team, David wants to win the McInnis Cup, which is his team’s league championship.

On top of being the MVP of his high school league this year, David was just drafted by the NJ Hitmen NCDC, he was also an AYHL U16 All-Star, and in the past he’s been an AYHL Playoffs MVP as well as a Silver Sticks tournament MVP. He’s also played in the prestigious Brick Invitational with the Connecticut Yankees.

David doesn’t necessarily model his game after any one particular player, but he rather has his own unique style of play. He likes to have the puck on stick and let his hockey IQ take over. He likes to make smart, quick plays to advance the puck, while maintaining his poise to stay responsible in the defensive zone. His favorite player to watch is Sydney Crosby of the Pittsburg Penguins.

When David is not with one of his two teams, he’s always working to get better as a player. He knows his strengths as a player; Hockey IQ, Vision, Stickhandling, Playmaking, Quick shot release and good edge work. He also needs to know he needs to keep working on his weaknesses to continue to thrive. His power and quickness are the two things that he works on the most in the off-season. He has a strength and conditioning coach to work on his physical development. He also shoots hundreds to thousands of puck off-ice every week as well. On top of this off-ice work David also takes private power skating and skills sessions.

David’s focus on his hockey is truly inspiring for other players. The dedication that David and his family put into his hockey is amazing. His dream is to play NCAA D-1 Ice Hockey and to eventually become a professional player. However, he is grounded and knows that if it doesn’t workout, he would want to enter the business world in some capacity.

Outside of hockey, David enjoys playing tennis, which is a great crossover sport for ice hockey. It works on reflexes, quick feet movements, and hand eye coordination. Like most hockey players, his favorite movie is Miracle! Knowing how smart David is, it’s also no surprise that his favorite school subject is English. And finally, when he’s starving after a game his favorite meal to chow down on is Rigatoni Bolognese.

We wish David the best of luck as he continues to climb the ranks in the hockey world!


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