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AYHL Playoff Results

This past weekend 56 teams across 11 divisions descended upon Ice Line in Westchester, PA for the Tier 1 AYHL playoff weekend. Each team in the 10U through 14U age group would play a 3 game round robin schedule and then be ranked 1-6, with the top 4 moving on to the semi-finals, with winners moving on to the finals. In the 15U through 18U age groups, the top four teams from the regular season were ranked 1-4 directly into the semi-finals, with the winners moving on to the finals. With the district tournament looming next weekend to send teams to nationals, all teams were looking to play smart, exciting hockey!



2019 AYHL Playoff Champions:

18U National Premier - NJ Avalanche*

18U National Elite – Jr. Titans

16U National Premier – Mercer Chiefs*

16U American – Team Maryland

15 Pure – NJ Avalanche*

14U Major – Valley Forge Minutemen*

14U Minor – NJ Colonials

12U Major – NJ Colonials

12U Minor – Valley Forge Minutemen

10U Major – Valley Forge Minutemen

10U Minor – Long Island Gulls

*Qualified for USA Hockey National Tournament

2019 AYHL Playoff All-American Forwards:

18U National Premier – Kenny Riddett – NJ Avalanche

18U National Elite – Joseph Iannuzzi – NJ Titans

16U National Premier – Michael Citara – Mercer Chiefs

16U American – Alex Chaconas – Team Maryland

15 Pure – Michael Emersno – NJ Avalanche

14U Major – Roman Vitolo – VF Minutemen

14U Minor – Michael Lavitman – NJ Colonials

12U Major – Benjamin Wilmott – NJ Colonials

12U Minor – Mario Dewees – VF Minutemen

10U Major – Noah Cutillo – VF Minutemen

10U Minor – Damon Datlo – LI Gulls

2019 AYHL Playoff All-American Defensemen:

18U National Premier – Nicholas Carabin

18U National Elite – Mark Garfinkel

16U National Premier –Lachlan Getz

16U American – Hayden Raycraft

15 Pure – David Posma

14U Major – Andrew Centrella

14U Minor – Ted Mallgrave

12U Major – Andrew Check

12U Minor – Jesse Orlowsky

10U Major – Kevin Bonino

10U Minor – Trevor Dimaio

2019 AYHL Playoff Great American Goalies:

18U National Premier – Ty Franchi – NJ Avalanche

18U National Elite – Max Schwarz – NJ Titans

16U National Premier – Jeremy Siegel – Mercer Chiefs

16U American – Alex Eman – Team Maryland

15 Pure – Nate Zerrenner – NJ Avalanche

14U Major – Primo Baldassare – VF Minutemen

14U Minor – Ethan Marich – NJ Colonials

12U Major – Sam Straff – NJ Colonials

12U Minor – Ryan Cameron – VF Minutemen

10U Major – Luka Fedivkov – VF Minutemen

10U Minor – Maddox Franks – LI Gulls


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