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10 attributes of a successful hockey coach

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Coaching can be a very stressful experience. Winning and losing outcomes can become all consuming to a coach. This can cause a coach’s performance to be negatively affected by their inability to manage their stress reactions. Being in a mindful state of being can help any coach be more present and effective in the process.

As a coach, whatever thoughts are consuming your thought world, will have an impact on how you show up for your team. If you are overwhelmed and focused on what’s wrong and who’s to blame, you will create an environment of paranoia, fear and mistrust. If, however, you are composed, confident, and trusting of your players, staff, and process, you increase your likelihood of experiencing success. Mindfulness in coaching is a state of being not a state of doing.

The following are ten attributes that mindful and effective hockey coaches will exhibit:

1. Always trust, protect and create a safe place for their players to develop and thrive


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2. Connect effectively with dynamic communication with their players, staff, agents and parents

3. Have awareness of their emotional state and intentional shift their own energy by choosing a story/means that serves their purpose

4. Do not take things personal; are rarely offended

5. See challenges as opportunities to learn, adapt and grow

6. Focus intently on what is in their control

7. They look to inspire and influence, not control and punish

8. They choose to be present in the moment on purpose and fearless

9. Accept what is, make conscious choices, trust and are engaged in the process, and unattached to the outcome.

10. Are masters of the process, authentic, confident and 100% energetically engaged in the moment

When all is said and done your legacy as a coach will determined by who your players become not just on the ice but off it.


By Walter Aguilar 


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