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Y1ACT launches at Elite GA Showcase in ATL

This past Saturday on February 10th at the Elite GA Showcase in Atlanta, Youth1 Media successful launched the Y1ACT. For those unfamiliar, Youth1 Media has partnered with Zybek Sports to provide combine testing for youth athletes around the country in what is known as our Y1ACT.

The Y1ACT is a universal combine test with standardized measurements across key athletic performance metrics.

ACT stands for Athlete Competency Test. As an athlete that trains hard on and off the field, it is important to understand where you stand athletically. This testing will allow athletes to see where they stack up against other athletes their age. They'll also have the ability to get their scores and see how they've improved over time (If they decide to take the test more than once).

Athletes that participate in the Y1ACT on Saturday were tested with the following drills:

  • 40 Yard Dash (10, 20 yard Splits)
  • 5/10/5 (Pro Agility)
  • 3 Cone (L-Drill)
  • Broad Jump
  • Vertical Jump

The Elite GA Showcase was just the beginning for the Youth1 Media's Y1ACT. Aside from providing top-notch exposure for youth athletes around the country, Youth1 is excited to provide top-notch athletic testing as well.

To find an Y1ACT event near you, be sure to visit our Y1ACT sign up page --- https://youth1.com/y1act.


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