Meet Safdar McCrary, dual threat QB from Northern California's class of 2022 | Youth1

Meet Safdar McCrary, dual threat QB from Northern California's class of 2022

Safdar McCrary – Northern California All Star QB on the Road to National Youth Football Championships

McCrary resides in Oakland California and is currently a student at Bret Harte. The ability to lead the offense and then step up on the defensive side of the ball makes him stand out on a national level. McCrary told youth1, “Having he ball in my hands as the QB gives me the opportunity to maximize my touches 100%".

McCrary likes making the big plays and is known in the football community as a dynamic play maker. He has the size, accuracy, and raw ability it takes to get the job done.

Coach Voorhees, Director & Recruiter for the  Northern California All Stars, told youth1, "McCrary is a player who is one play away from breaking the game wide open each time he steps onto the field. He has all the intangibles we look for in a QB including a cannon of an arm, accurate throws, high football IQ, and a nose for the end-zone. This is a rare student athlete and is perfect for an All Star/Elite format. This kid is elusive in the pocket and poses a real difficult situation for defensive coordinators when they try to stop Safdar. Stopping players of this caliber is almost impossible and most defensive minded coaches will settle for containing him to avoid flushing him out of the pocket and exposing the linebackers & defensive backs to the open field speed".

Voorhees told youth1, "I have the privilege of seeing hundreds of "Elite" athletes each year while on my quest to find the best nationally. We are trying to prepare for the single most competitive tournament ever witnessed in the youth football world and the Northern California region is pound-for-pound  a hotbed for talent. Finding a dynamic QB is the most challenging given the range of talented players who are all deserving of a look and even a second look. I am tasked with reviewing hours of film, talking with parents, coaches, and going to hundreds of games to find the right player to perform in front of the nation. I was pleased to see that we have such a talent, in Oakland,  who has accuracy in both the deep & short passing game. Safdar McCrary is impressive and has all the right tools to lead Northern California to a National Championship and we are happy to have him on board with us for this epic run".

McCrary will have the chance to experience the look and feel of "Big Game" exposure as he leads his team into the $700 million Johnson Controls Pro Football Hall of Fame Village.The ‘Game for Life’ National Youth Football Championship was built by the biggest promoters in sports. The founders created the U.S. Army All-American Bowl (NBC), the Aflac All-American Baseball Game (Fox Sports) and the McDonald’s All-American Basketball Game (ESPN). The National Stage is set and everybody is watching as teams pour in from Mexico, Canada, and 5 regions for the chance to play the championships in Canton Ohio. This tournament has been dubbed by youth football enthusiasts as,  “Little League World Series of Youth Football".

McCrary is a self-proclaimed student of the game and his favorite part of football is fitting. I like,  “Being part of a team and winning championships”. He has 2 National Championship rings right now and has his eye on another this season. This is the competitive attitude players need to get an edge on and off the field. We asked about his progression as an athlete and he told youth1, “I feel that I am physically and athletically ahead of the curve”. This confidence and swagger likely comes from his work load and dedication to improving his skills. He listed some of the Elite Camps and accomplishments which are very impressive when you consider he is the class of 2022.


Gridiron Kings Under Amour National Champioship Game (FL, TX), Pro Football Hall of Fame Elite HS, Dream Chasers MIAMI U, Core Game Changers IMG Camp to list a few.

“I am preparing for these Elite Camps by training and competing against the best competition. I train and compete at high levels of intensity against other Elite Athletes all year around to prepare for the next level”, McCrary said about the Elite Camps.

The practice, preparation and willingness to compete VS the best of the best is part of his persona. Winners are a different bread of character and demand a second look from the scouts, press, and football minds that do not give handouts when it comes to praise. The nature of the athlete is often determined by the risks and how these risks translate into rewards. He is not afraid to fail and failure is not an option in his play book. The willingness to step out to the camps that draw top prospects makes McCrary special.

The "Cream of the Crop" student athletes invite challenges and look forward to a hard day of work, this will translate into leadership opportunities and differentiates them from the status quo. Winning is fun, but winning against the best-of-the-best separates the good from the great athletes", (Coach Cole 2017).

Recent successes:

  • Selected for Gridiron Kings Team
  • Top 5 Pro Football Hall of Fame camp 2017
  • National Championship Rings (2 Times in his young career)
  • Leading SYFL NORCAL in Total Yardage
  • Recently selected for Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy – Northern California All Star 8th Grade Q.B.

McCrary has football in his blood and wants to carry on the rich football family tradition of gridiron success, which has ties to the NFL. He has the frame @ 5'11&1\2  and 161 pounds to blossom into a prototype. Football families provide tremendous upside for players like McCrary, who need to learn the ropes from those with the knowledge and experience. Who better to learn from than a family member? We often forget how important a good coach, mentor, father figure, teacher, or parent can be to the mindset of a young impressionable player. When you have been given a natural ability then it is easy to believe this is all you need. This QB understands where he comes from and is committed to "PUT IN WORK" in order to further develop to his maximum potential on and off the field. 

Coaches often play an important role in the development of young talent by motivating and inspiring them to perfect their trade. The ability of a coach to press the right buttons and determine what makes an athlete tick is a quality that often leads to scholarship, accolades, awards, recognition, and championships. McCrary portrays a sense of pride, respect, and resolve as he boasted to youth1, “My dad is one of my all-time favorite coaches I have ever played for”. 

McCrary has easy to recognize strengths on the field, that even the novice can recognize; 4.59 40 speed, ability to extend plays, and is a  threat to change the outcome of the game at any time. Game changers are unique and Safdar has the ability to turn a negative play into positive yardage, making him fun to watch and a joy to coach. Critical thinking is often a forgotten trait in a "Top Athletes" diverse portfolio of skill sets. Physical traits such as height, weight, and overall all body type make it easy to overlook the benefits of a sound mental game. Safdar is focused on becoming the best he can be and when asked what he could improve on the most he replied, "I want to improve on my mental toughness".

When asked what it is going to take to make it the next level he said, “As a QB I am looking to work on my passing mechanics and this will translate into the ability to execute on every play. I am most similar to Cam Newton because he is one of the top duel threat QB in the league at the present time". McCrary likes to watch the college game the best because of the tempo and mentioned Lamar Jackson is his favorite QB to watch. If he continues to work and perform on the national stage; then he may have youth athletes immolating his style of play in the future.

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