QB Holden Geriner has earned his reputation as one of 2022's premier talents | Youth1

QB Holden Geriner has earned his reputation as one of 2022's premier talents

Among the rising talents from the 2022 class is Georgia QB Holden Geriner, who received his first offer from Florida State in June. 

Geriner's reputation for his ability as a QB has continued to quickly ascend over the past couple years, as he's developed into one of the premier arm talents in his class. Standing at 6'3" 200-pounds, Geriner has superb size for the position. Aside from his God-given physical attributes, his ability to throw the football is eye-catching. His mechanics are impressively smooth and he excels at delivering the ball with precision. He also throws a beautiful deep ball.

"My favorite part of playing football, especially quarterback, is all the pressure and everyone looking at me. This allows me to build great relationships," Geriner told Youth1.com.

"I like how I am the leader of the team and everyone is looking to me. I also enjoy the pressure and accountability of playing quarterback," he added.

Geriner most recently led Team Mamba to a championship at NextGen's The Show in June, while also being named as an MVP. He made the most of his time at The Show, learning tips that'll help him continue to grow as a QB.

"It was an honor and blessing to be named MVP because it shows that hard work pays off. I have worked very hard trying to perfect every little thing to make me the best person and QB that I can be," Geriner said.

"I had a great experience at The Show starting with The VI. I learned tons of very useful tips and pointers both in the classroom and on the field. It’s awesome getting to compete with the nations top talent because it allows us to get to know each other and start building relationships but it also makes us all better going against the best of the best," Geriner said.

Being able to lead his team to a championship while taking home the MVP award is an impressive accomplishment given how talent-rich of an event The Show is. Geriner believes his team's mindset and level of competitive will helped propel them to victory.

"What set Team Mamba away from the rest of the teams at The Show was that we knew if we worked hard, competed, and gave it our all but had fun that we had a chance to go all the way," Geriner said.

"It felt great taking home the championship especially because we came in second in 2018 with a few of the same guys on Team Mamba so it was a great experience," he added.

Receiving his first offer from Florida State is a testament to the level of talent Geriner has as well as the potential he has going forward. It's not hard to imagine that the Savannah, Georgia native is only scratching the surface of his potential.

"My offer from Florida State came right after I attended their camp in June. It was amazing receiving my first offer. It means so much because of how hard I have worked and makes me work even harder in the weight room and on the field," Geriner said.

With his level of dedication to his craft, it's no surprise that Geriner continues to rise up the ranks. He's put the time in, and is now seeing the fruits of his labor.

"I am progressing as a football player by working as hard as I can everyday and I have seen myself that hard work pays off. I am focusing on improving my speed, tying my eyes to my feet, and getting stronger," he said.

"Some of my strengths on the football field include being a leader and a motivator, and having a great attitude. I also have good arm strength, accuracy, and footwork but I am always trying to improve," Geriner added when asked of his strengths on the field.

If his recent performance at NextGen's The Show is an indicator of things to come, the future is extremely bright for 2022 QB Holden Geriner. Florida State is surely the first of many college programs that'll be vying for his services.


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