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NextGen's Regional Camp Series goes West this weekend with stops in Las Vegas & Los Angeles

NextGen All America Camp is set to take their regional camp series out West this weekend with stops in Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA. The first of the back to back events will be in Las Vegas on Saturday, January 25th. Followed by the Los Angeles camp on Sunday, January 26th.

For those unfamiliar, NextGen camps have become one of the premier youth camps in the country. Over the past few years, NextGen has grown to become one of the top exposure camps for high school and youth football players.

Their invite-only event, The Show, is one of the nation's biggest and best youth football events, as it brings together the absolute best of the best to compete in one location. An invite to The Show can be secured by at standout performance at one of the regional camps in NextGen's camp series.

This weekend's Las Vegas Showcase will be held at Ed Fountain Fields.

The Los Angeles Showcase will be held at St. Pius X-St. Matthias Academy.

The events starts at 8am. 7th-10th grades only.

The talent at these west coast events are always top-tier. Youth1 has identified some athletes attending either the Vegas event or LA event that are worth keeping an eye on.

Jimmy Thomas - QB - 2023 - Vegas Camp

Thomas has a strong arm and great presence in the pocket. Thomas has built a reputation as a talented QB. Thomas participated in NextGen's The Show last summer.

Micah Alejado - QB - 2024 - Vegas Camp

Alejado throws a precise ball. He throws the ball well on the move with the ability to keep his eyes downfield as he evades defenders.

Vanden Dugger - QB - 2025 - Vegas Camp

Dugger throws a beautiful ball and can really make all the throws. His arm strength is a clear strength in his game. Throws an impressive deep ball.

Jaylen Hall - WR/DB - 2023 - LA Camp

Hall is a stellar athlete that makes an impact on both sides of the ball. On offense, Hall is a smooth WR who runs clean routes and has soft hands to snag tough catches out the air. On defense, Hall is a relentless DB who isn't afraid to lay big hits on ball-carriers. His ability to make game-changing plays is impressive.

Carson Dean - QB - 2023 - LA Camp

Dean throws the ball with precise accuracy and has great arm strength to deliver the ball down the field. His patience in the pocket stands out on film, as he has a visible presence in the pocket. Dean's throwing mechanics are impressive, as his feet are seamlessly in tune with his arm and hips. He has great footwork on his dropbacks and a quick release.

Alonzo Contreras - QB - 2024 - LA Camp

Contreras is an ultra-talented QB that's known for his accuracy. Once you turn on his film, his ability to drop dimes stands out immediately. He has the ability to make all the throws, including touch passes across the middle into tight windows as well as deep balls down the field.


These are just a few players to keep an eye on at the NextGen West Coast camps coming up this weekend.

For more on NextGen's regional camp series, please visit their website at or check out their event page here on


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