Nehemiah Squire is one of 2022's most remarkable young running backs | Youth1

Nehemiah Squire is one of 2022's most remarkable young running backs

One of the most well represented positions in the class of 2022 is the Running Back position. This class is full of impressive young backs, who are oozing with potential.

Among these stellar backs from the 2022 class is RB Nehemiah "Nemo" Squire. This young man is becoming a household name in youth football circles and for good reason.

Last fall, Squire came in at #38 in Youth1 Media's Elite101 rankings for the 2022 class. Other notable outlets such as National Preps and Footballville have named Squire as a top 25 athlete from his class. This level of national respect does not come unless the talent level is very high.

It's always a honor to receive national recognition," Squire said.

"In every other ranking I have been in the top but it shows me that I must keep grinding and remain humble. Actually stepping into JV as a 8th grader playing 9th &10th graders and dominant... Makes me appreciate recognition for my hard work," he added.

The Dillon, SC native is one of the most talented athletes in the 2022 class. For Nemo, one of the best things about being a top talent is the big plays he gets to make for his team.

"Brotherhood and all the things it teaches about life," Squire said about his favorite part of the game.

"I enjoy running touchdowns and scoring for my team. Also making defenses miss when I cut back."

Standing 5'8" 187 lbs., Squire is a bruising runner that makes the defense pay for attempting to bring him down. His size is a weapon, as he knows how to run through contact. He has great instincts to cutback if a play breaks down and once he hits some open field, his speed hits another gear. His ability to shake defenders off and keeping moving down the field is remarkable.

"As I set goals and achieve those goal. I feel my speed and power is increasing daily," Squire said.

Squire finished off 2017 with a bang as he finished with quite the impressive season. He finished with 15 touchdowns, 1635 rushing yards, and over 1700 total yards. The teams he most recently played for include Dillon High School, Palmetto Stampede (AAU) and the Low Country Warriors.

As he remains focused on continual progression, Squire is working hard to take his game to the next level.

"My game needs to improve in quicker acceleration and power," he said.

"Quicker steps, better endurance, improved 40 time and ladder drills, etc."

His hard work has been rewarded as he stepped into high school football as an 8th grader this past year.

"I have really turned up another gear because stepping into high school football as a 8th grader and earning the spot as starting running back on JV at Dillon High-school Dillon SC," he said.

Nehemiah Squire has become one of 2022's most impressive running backs. His ability to use power and speed to gash the defense allows him to takeover games. As one of the top talents from his class, the sky is the limit from here.


For more on Nehemiah Squire, check out his Youth1 Player Profile --> here.

View his highlights below.


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