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Getting to know 6th grade Dekalb FSG camp MVP Kendall Farmer

Kendall Farmer is one of the best players from the state of Georgia in the Class of 2024.


The 5-foot-5, 188-pound Farmer, who attends Sand Town Middle, is a versatile player that works as a defensive tackle and offensive guard/tackle.


Farmer has in the participated Georgia All Stars, Born2Compete All Stars, D1-Spects All Stars, Elite Talent Showcase and will be in the upcoming Under Armour Middle School Camp and Rivals Youth Showcase.


Most recently, Farmer captured the 6th grade MVP at FSG’s Dekalb camp.


Farmer is humbled for the opportunity to showcase his skills against some of the best of the best.


“It was a big surprise and great honor to be picked for MVP. It feels good to be recognized as one of the top kids. It is huge to win as defensive lineman and makes really want to work harder and get better as a player,” Farmer said. “I felt I did good, I gave 100 percent on every drill, rep and opportunity. At the camp I learned to stay focused and work on getting better and I have a lot more learn. I practice my technique, footwork and rush moves. I’m working on improving speed, quickness, power and hand skills.”


Farmer has great passion and energy whenever he’s on the gridiron.


“I like the game itself, I like my position and working to get better every play, every game and winning,” Farmer said. “My mindset is to do my job, give all I have and win the battle on every play if possible.”


Farmer has learned many valuable lessons from playing football that he applies to his everyday life.


“Football has taught me that nothing comes for free,” Farmer said. “Hard work and dedication is the key to almost everything in life.”


Farmer recalls his favorite football memory.


“When I first started playing flag and worked my way up to pads,” Farmer said.


Farmer takes his role as one of the leaders on the team very seriously. Farmer makes sure he’s a daily positive influence on his peers.


“I come to all practices, work hard, learn by listening and doing what coaches teach, show me and being supportive to my teammates all the time or most of the time,” Farmer said. “I tell my teammates I got your back no matter what and we are one unit.”


Farmer appreciates the role his coaches have served in making him who he is today.


“They make me and my teammates better by teaching us the right way to do things to be the best at our positions,” Farmer said. “They tell me as a person the game has ups and downs, just like life will,  so I need to fight through it and be a winner.”


When Farmer isn’t playing football, he loves studying Earth science.


“It teaches me about many different things about our planet,” Farmer said. “I like to learn about the air gravity and air pressure. I like all my subjects in school.”


Farmer admires the play of this athlete.  


“I look up to Vic Beasley because he has a great aspect when he steps on the field and you know that he is ready for game time,” Farmer said. “And we wear the same number (44).”


Farmer dreams of one day becoming the next great Crimson Tide player.


“Their facility is just amazing,” Farmer said. “I like their ring room with every ring they won over the years. Their gym is amazing. They have every machine to work out your body.”


Farmer is excited about where the future will take him both as a player and a person.


“My goals on the field are to work hard and do my job well and make good plays while I’m in the game,” Farmer said. “My goal off the field is to do well in school, and workout doing different activities to stay in shape and train a lot to be good at what I do and to one day raise my own family.”



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