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Georgia QB Michael McClellan is locked in and ready to roll

Decatur, Ga., gunslinging quarterback Michael McClellan is very happy after leading his team, the Renfroe Middle School Bulldogs, to a 4-2 record. McClellan had a standout season, completing 93-114 passes (82%) for 721 yards in just six games. Despite the gaudy statistics, the 6’1”, 154-lb. quarterback loved being a field general while putting his team first.

“I really showed myself as a leader of the team,” he said with pride, then noted that being coachable is one of his assets. “I like to learn from everyone and don’t have a big ego. I am constantly trying to get better. I play a position where everyone thinks they can play it and don’t realize the amount of work required to be good at it.”

 His Youth1 profile includes a scouting report that states, “McClellan is a smooth passer from the pocket. He throws a beautiful ball that has a tight spiral. One of his biggest strengths is his accuracy. He's a dime-dropper from the pocket. At 6'1", McClellan stands tall in the pocket, which allows him to quickly read the defense and find his receiver with a precision pass.

His ability to throw the ball deep is impressive,” the scouting report added. “He has real arm strength that allows him to drive the ball downfield. He's mobile enough to move when pressured and deliver throws on the run.” You can see his season highlights and the achievements he’s earned this year in his profile.

The 2024 athlete has been learning from top-tier QB teachers that include Chris Hixson from QBIQ process, which he’s attended for the past three years. “He has helped me identify coverages and attack defenses,” McClellan said. In addition, when McClellan played for his local competitive flag football team, he greatly benefited under the guidance of his coach, 1996 Heisman Trophy winner Danny Wuerffel.

“He had a lot of belief in me. He’s helped me out with a lot,” he said. “[He helped me] by recognizing a lot of defensive looks. He was also good at making sure I was the best leader possible. [He also taught me] no matter the score, it’s the little things—always.”

Looking ahead to next season, McClelland is hoping to land a spot on the Decatur High School football team. Although the varsity squad is slated to have three quarterbacks, that won’t stop him from trying.

 “I put in a lot of hard work,” he noted of making the varsity team—and one of his future goals is to be the starting QB by 10th grade.

While in high school,  McClellan intends to maintain or improve on his 3.88 GPA while taking advanced classes. And his academic skills and football talent are mirrored by a former University of Tennessee (and current NFL) QB whom he idolizes, Josh Dobbs.

“I’m amazed at how versatile he is,” he noted. “And he has a good athletic and academic background. He’s a good role model.”

When football season comes around, keep an eye out for this tall, talented quarterback who is more than ready to contribute to his team.


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