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Denville Blue Angels Partner with Youth1 for All-Sports Y1ACT Combine

The Denville Blue Angels youth football club has partnered with Youth1 Sports for the towns first annual Denville Township “All-Sports” Y1ACT Combine. The event will take place on June 9, 2019 (Rain or Shine) at the Gardner Field Sports Complex on Savage Road, in Denville, NJ.  It is open to all youth athlete, both male and female, in grades 4-8 that reside in Denville, NJ.

The Denville Blue Angels are one of Morris County’s top youth football organizations, offering teams from Kindergarten through 8th grade. They aid in the development of the youth players that will move on to Morris Knolls and Morris Hills High Schools.

“We are very excited to partner with Youth1 Sports to host an “All-Sports” combine for all of the youth athletes in our town. It’s going to be a great day of fun and competition for both the athletes and their families.” – Joe Rodriguez, Denville Blue Angels President

The event will feature a Youth1 Sports’ Y1ACT combine for all athletes, both male and female, from all sports. The tests performed will be meant to test all aspects of athleticism: Speed, Power, Agility and Reaction. Youth1 uses some of the best sports testing equipment available to provide the most accurate test results for youth athletes in the country. On top of the field tests, we will be taking body metrics of each player as well.  Parisi Speed School will also be on hand to bring the kids through a dynamic warm-up before the testing portion of the event. 

"Being a company that's home office is located in Morris County, NJ, it was a natural fit to partner with the Denville Blue Angels.  Their coaches are dedicated to making their players better and we couldn't be more excited to run this event with them."  Laura Petrillo, Youth1 President 

Youth1 Sports tests tens of thousands of athletes annually nationwide for groups like NextGen Football, Sportzfarm Football, Babe Ruth Baseball, ACES Nation, BH Hockey Camps, and amongst others.  

Schedule of events:

9am-10am: Registration

10am-1030am: Parisi Speed School Warm-up

1030am-1230pm: Testing

1230pm: Awards

To sign up for the Denville Blue Angels Y1ACT Click Here


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