Announcement: Youth1's annual football rankings will be released this month! | Youth1

Announcement: Youth1's annual football rankings will be released this month!

In the coming weeks, Youth1 Media is proud to be releasing our annual football rankings. For years, Youth1 Media has been a trusted resource for pinpointing the elite youth athletes around the nation. We pride ourselves in providing a premium outlet for national exposure to help these athletes achieve their goals of playing collegiate ball and beyond.

This fall, Youth1 Media will be releasing 3 different rankings, including the Freshman450, Elite101 and Next Up Watchlist.

First to be released this fall will be the Freshman450. This year's Freshman450 will feature the 2023 class. The Freshman450 identifies the top 450 incoming freshman football players in the nation. The Freshman450 is an alphabetical list and is broken down by position.

Following the Freshman450 will be the Elite101, which is our most anticipated ranking! This year's Elite101 will feature the 2024 class. The Elite101 identifies the top 101 football players currently in the 8th grade this fall.

Last to be released will be our Next Up Watchlist. Last year was the first edition of this list, and we are excited to identify the next wave of young up-and-comers. This year's Next Up Watchlist will feature the 2025 class. This list identifies the budding young talents from the 7th grade.

There is still time to be considered for the Elite101 & Next Up Watchlist! For immediate consideration, please email us at

Please include full name and class in the subject line. Needed info: City, State, Position(s), Height & Weight. A link to the athlete's most recent highlight tape is a must. Additionally, Please include a recent (football related) photo of the athlete.

Perhaps most important, please upload your most recent highlight video and info to your Youth1 Profile.

To be considered for next year's rankings, we strongly urge you to compete at a NextGen Regional Showcase in 2020.

For more info on NextGen's 2020 Showcase's click here.

We are extremely excited to get these rankings out in the coming weeks. Be on the look out for more information about the official release dates. 

The Freshman450 will be released very soon, with the Elite101 and Next Up Watchlist shortly thereafter.


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