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2029’s Braylin Reed dreams of one day dominating in the SEC at Alabama

Braylin Reed is one of the best players from the Newnan, Georgia area in the Class of 2029. 


The 4-foot-3, 90-pound Reed, who attends Northside Elementary, is a dynamic player that works as a quarterback, linebacker and defensive tackle for the Newnan Outlaws.



No matter the opponent, every game Reed is determined to give it his all. 


Reed is going all out. 


The motor is always at full throttle whenever Reed steps between the lines.


“My mindset in my position is to be a leader on and off the field. I want to be a positive example for my teammates at all times,” Reed said. “I want to prove to my coaches that they can trust me.”

Reed has great passion and energy whenever he’s on the field. Reed tells why he enjoys the game of football so much. 


“I love scoring touchdowns and making big plays that make the crowd go wild,” Reed said. “I love to win games with my teammates and celebrate with them. My teammates are like brothers to me.”

Reed has learned many valuable lessons from playing football that he applies to his everyday life. 


The main one is applying perspective to all situations. 


“Playing football has taught me so much about life,” Reed said. “It has taught me how important it is to never give up. Don’t quit no matter how hard something is and you’ll be rewarded for it.”


Reed recalls his favorite football memory. 


“When I threw a deep touchdown pass to my twin brother in the championship game,” Reed said. “That was so amazing to be able to connect with him in a game of that level. I’m never going to forget it.”


Jamien Bryant is Reed’s coach for the Newnan Outlaws.


Bryant explains the best parts of Reed’s game. 


“At QB it’s his ability to throw and run. He has excellent mobility and that makes him a real threat. At DT, it’s his quickness and willingness to get in the backfield. He has an incredible motor,” Bryant said. “Braylin has nice fundamentals. Braylin stays low in his attack to the ball at DT.”


Reed takes his role as one of the leaders on the team very seriously. Reed makes sure he’s a daily positive influence on his peers.


“I try to be a good teammate by encouraging them to keep pushing. I make sure my teammates go hard at all times,” Reed said. “The best advice I give to my teammates is to work hard and pay attention.”


Bryant adds that Reed is one of those consummate teammates that every squad needs to be successful. 


“During games he sets the tone with big plays, which motivates his teammates to play at a high level,” Bryant said. “He leads by example and through his effort. His teammates follow suit.”


Reed is appreciative of having amazing male role models that are supportive.


“My coaches help make me a better player and person,” Reed said. “They’ve taught me about giving my best effort and being disciplined on and off the field. The best advice they give is work hard and never give up.”


Bryant is an advocate of Reed’s capabilities. 

“One play that stands out in particular is a double pass from Braylin to his twin Jaylin to go up in the Super Bowl 21-0 over Decatur Army,” Bryant said. “We wouldn’t have the success we did without his effort.”


In addition to making clutch plays, Reed is developing a high level of football IQ as well. 


Reed is growing into excellent football awareness that puts him in position to thrive. 


“Bray has good vision when running the ball he knows exactly when to cut,” Bryant said. “His awareness level is excellent.”


Reed is on the grind to perfect and hone his craft in any way possible. 


“Braylin’s work ethic is progressing and it’s going to keep improving,” Bryant said. “I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll be ready come next season.”


Bryant explains why he compares Reed to this elite pro quarterback. 


“Braylin puts you in the mind of Cam Newton at QB with his ability to throw and run,” Bryant said. “He can do much of the same things for a young player at his age.”  


Reed patterns his mentality after this star wide receiver. 


“Julio is my favorite player because he makes some great receptions and he’s very clutch,” Reed said. “That’s the way I try to be on the field at my own positions. I want to be counted on by my team and coaches.”


Reed is constantly striving for greatness in everything that he does. 


“My goals on and off the field are the same” Reed said. “I want to work hard and do my best on and off the field. I want my family to be proud of me with all that I do.”


Reed explains his collegiate aspirations.


“My dream college is the University of Alabama,” Reed said. “I would love to play there because they always win and I feel like I can help them get more national championships.”


Reed lists science as his favorite subject in school. 


“I really like science because you get to do a lot of fun things,” Reed said. “Science has just always been really interesting to me. I like to learn about how things in the world works.”


Bryant outlines the areas of improvement that will take Reed to the next level.


“Braylin has to gain more effort in practice because with more effort he will be unstoppable,” Bryant said. “But I’m confident that this will be developed because he’s still young and he has a good support system.”


Bryant believes the sky is the limit as long as Reed continues to stay hungry.  


“He’s a tough kid that loves the game of football and with a boost in work ethic he’ll be a Saturday and possibly Sunday player,” Bryant said. “I’m proud to be his coach and I’m excited for what the future holds for his career.”



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