2027 QB Joe D’Ambrosia III is one of Ohio's rising young talents | Youth1

2027 QB Joe D’Ambrosia III is one of Ohio's rising young talents

One thing that we've proven here at Youth1 is that talent can be identified at a young age. We've seen athletes that we covered starting in 5th grade rise to the top of recruiting ranks during their 8th and 9th grade seasons.

Among the budding young talents from the 2027 class, is QB Joe D’Ambrosia III, who is building a reputation for his dazzling ability on the football field.

"To me, football is all about the TEAM. I believe in my team and I feel they believe in me," D’Ambrosia told Youth1.com.

"Winning is my goal and our team has been successful for the past 3 years.  My favorite part is knowing there is always room for improvement," he added.

Standing at 5'0 86 lbs., D’Ambrosia is already dropping dimes from the Quarterback position. His ability to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball is impressive, especially for his age. He delivers his passes with precision and shows good arm strength. His ability deliver the ball with accuracy while throwing on the move is remarkable. D’Ambrosia has keen awareness, as he's able to move around in the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield.

"My ability to make one move and go. I also try to stay calm and focused," D’Ambrosia said of his strengths.

Most important to D’Ambrosia is leading his team game in and game out.

"Being a leader means a lot to me. I like being in control while on the game field and on the practice field," D’Ambrosia said.

The North Royalton, Ohio native most recently played for the North Royalton Bears 10U team. He's made waves for his ability on the football field, receiving invites to the Future 4 National Middle School QB Showcase and the 2020 Gunslinger QB Challenge.

"Being invited to the Future 4 National Middle School QB Showcase and the 2020 Gunslinger QB Challenge were huge to me," D’Ambrosia said.

"It has motivated me to keep working hard on and off the field,' he added.

D’Ambrosia is making positive strides on and off the field. He's dedicated to being the best he can be.

"My grades are very important to me. Last quarter, I had straight A’s. My current GPA is 3.9. I was chosen by my teachers to represent the Pride of North Royalton Middle School earlier this school year. It is recognition of students who show outstanding citizenship, cooperation, and caring for others," he said.

With his development as an athlete being very important to his long-term goals, D’Ambrosia remains dedicated to honing his craft.

"I feel I am improving each and every day that I practice my craft. Since I have been working with my QB coach, my mechanics have greatly improved. I’ve learned that you can never quit working on the small things," D’Ambrosia said.

"I am working to improve reading defenses, footwork, arm strength, and accuracy," he added. 

2027 QB Joe D’Ambrosia III is a rising star from the state of Ohio, who is making a name for himself already as a 5th grader. As he continues to grow and develop, his journey is worth following.



For more on Joe D’Ambrosia III, checking out his highlights below.


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