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2026 QB Josiah Oxendine earns his third D1 offer

Dillion High School QB Josiah Oxendine has earned the attention of recruiters and college coaches as a rising talent from the 2026 class. As I mentioned in our offseason update article from a couple of months ago, Oxendine is an energetic, hungry, and motivated QB.

His determination, talent, and dedication have put him on the national radar. Oxendine was named to our most recent edition of the Elite101 Rankings, coming it at #86 overall. Frankly, Oxendine has quickly outpaced that ranking. 

Oxendine will be one of the elite prospects featured on our uncoming Freshman450 prospect list, which features the most talented athletes entering high school.

The South Carolina QB has had a busy spring/summer attending college camps, football camps and combines; he just finished up participating in NextGen's The Show.

Oxendine recently received his third D1 offer from Pitt. He spoke with Youth1's Football Director, Ryan Oliver, about his offer, his recent success, his motivation, and more.


Q: Josiah, congrats on another offer! How many is that in total now? 3? What does this offer from Pitt mean to you? 

A: Yes sir! I received my third D1 FBS offer from the University of Pittsburgh. It was my first Power 5 Offer. It meant a lot coming from the reigning ACC Champions. They have also put out some nice QBs, such as legend Dan Marino and this year’s top QB in the draft Kenny Pickett. I was humbled to receive the offer.


Q: What was your excitement level after receiving another offer?

A: To be honest, it is exciting to receive an offer but at the same time I realize that I must continue to GRIND on the practice field, in the weight room and especially the classroom. 


Q: Does another offer serve as motivation to keep working like you have been? 

A: Yes sir! Most definitely! It is a sign that the grind doesn’t go unnoticed and there is so much more growth and development to come. I am working even harder now at Dillon High School to learn Head Coach Roller’s system and to help my team win a State Championship - that is our team goal. 


Q: Did you have any contact with Pitt before receiving an offer? If so, what was it like and how did they come to know you and your talent? 

A: At some point, Pitt had communication with my QB Coach. My coach told me they had some interest in my talents. Then they followed me on Twitter and kept up with my camp performances. I had some great measurements as an incoming freshman at several college camps this offseason: best 40 time 4.74; 30.4 vertical; 8 feet 10 inch broad jump; and I threw the ball well at each camp. In fact, Pitt was at a camp I attended and they saw me personally. 


Q: Any update on how the offseason is going?

A: In the midst of practicing and competing for the varsity starting QB position at Dillon High School (Monday-Thursday), I have attended camps at NC State, University of North Carolina, Duke, Coastal Carolina, UNC Charlotte, University of South Carolina, University of Georgia, and THE SHOW by NXGN in Atlanta. All in June. My performance at each camp has been very solid and at THE SHOW I accounted for 10 passing scores without an interception against some of the nations best talent. 


Q: Any plan for the rest of the offseason?

A: The plan for the remaining offseason is to Grind for the Fall Season. We are working extremely hard at Dillon High School to win championships. I do have one more camp in July: Hotbed Future4QBs. It’s an invite only for the nation's best QBs down in Atlanta. It should be fun and competitive. 


Q: When does your season at Dillion start up and what are you most looking forward to? 

A: We currently have a 3-phase practice every morning Monday-Thursday: 1) on-field 2) weightlifting 3) agility/speed workout. However, the first official practice for regular season is July 29 and our first game is scheduled for August 26, 2022. 


The future is very bright for Josiah. For more on Josiah, check out our recent Monday Morning Quarterback below.


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