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2024 RB/DB Stephen Lendsey-Vann earns invite to NextGen's The Show

Among the elite athletes from the state of California is 2024 RB/DB Stephen Lendsey-Vann, who recently earned an invitation to participate in NextGen's invite-only main event, The Show.

Lendsey-Vann earned a spot at The Show after a standout performance at the NextGen Southern California Regional Showcase.

"When I received the invite I was ecstatic and excited to perform and show my talents on the NextGen platform," Lendsey-Vann told Youth1.com.

This June, Lendsey-Vann will get his first experience at The Show. He's extremely excited for this opportunity to compete.

"This will be my first time competing in the NextGen Showcase. I am looking forward to 7x7 and 1 on 1’s," Lendsey-Vann said.

"Also, meeting new players from around the country and learning from the coaching staff," he added.

Standing at 5'9" 150 lbs., Lendsey-Vann is a tough football player that makes a major impact on both sides of the ball. He's a strong runner that bullies defenders with power. He has the speed to breakaway from defenders as well.

"What I enjoy most about playing running back is showing off my speed and scoring touchdowns," Lendsey-Vann said.

On defense, he prides himself in being a lockdown corner. He enjoys laying tough hits and serving as a leader of the defense.

"What I like most about the corner position is using my techniques, getting picks and knocking the ball out of the defenders hands," he added.

Lendsey-Vann believes his strength is among his best attributes on the field.

"My speed is my #1 strength, I also have a high I.Q. for the game, great foot work and I am fundamentally sound," Lendsey-Vann said of his strengths.

The Cerritos, CA resident has most recently played for the Compton Tarheels and the I.E. Ducks.

As he continues to find ways to improve his game, Lendsey-Vann has some areas of his game he plans to work on.

"The area of the game I am working on the most this year is quickness and tackling," Lendsey-Vann said.

"I just want to become a better overall football player, on and off the field," he added.

2024 RB/DB Stephen Lendsey-Vann is one of California's elite youth athletes and he's ready to take on the national competition at NextGen's The Show. He believes receiving an invitation to The Show is a big step in proving himself.

"That I am one of the best in the country and that I can do anything I put my mind to as long as I keep my strong work ethic," Lendsey-Vann said on what it means to receive an invite to The Show.

"Humbled for this opportunity," he added.


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