2024 QB Luke Knight nabs #10 spot on Youth1's Elite101 Rankings | Youth1

2024 QB Luke Knight nabs #10 spot on Youth1's Elite101 Rankings

The 2024 class is absolutely brimming with talented athletes, especially at the Quarterback position. QB is one of the most well represented positions on Youth1's recently released Elite101 rankings. From dual-threat quarterbacks to traditional pocket passers, the 2024 class has very strong QB talent.

Among the impressive QB prospects from the 2024 class is Luke Knight, who came in at #10 on our Elite101 Rankings.

"I was very excited, but also felt more determined to prove I can be ranked higher in the QB Poll for next year. I feel that I can be in the top 3," Knight told Youth1.com.

"It means much more to me then knowing I’m good, it goes to show that all this hard work and pain I’ve gone through is getting me to where I want to be. It goes to show I do these things for a reason," he continued.

Seeing Luke Knight near the top of our Elite101 Rankings is no surprise to anyone that has followed him throughout his youth football career. In fact, Knight came in at #29 on our Elite101 Rankings last year, before recently reclassifying to the 2024 class.

When asked if being named as the 10 best player in the 2024 class motivated him, Knight didn't hesitate with his answer.

"100%," he said.

"I feel I should and can be ranked among the top 3 QBs, I just need to work hard and show my value to get there," he added.

Standing at 5'9" 160 lbs., Knight is arguably the best QB prospect in the 2024 class. He can do it all at the position. He delivers the football effortlessly, and has the ability to make all the throws needed. He can drop dimes on deep balls, as well as deliver pinpoint throws into tight windows.

Perhaps most impressive is his ability to quickly read defenses and identify their weakness. Knight processes information rapidly, allowing him to make the right play. Give him any time in the pocket and he'll pick a part the defense. He's also very mobile. He delivers precision darts while on the move, and can even scurry around defenders into daylight when the play breaks down.

He's the type of athlete that you want leading your team. 

"Being a great leader and knowing how to out scheme and read a defense," Knight said of his strengths.

"I like the brotherhood and family like connections you make. I enjoy playing Quarterback, and being the leader of the team," he added.


Here's a look at some of his recent stats and accolades:


Team USA Team Captain and Starter

O-D All American

200m School record holder

Rushing TD School Record holder (17)

#10 on Youth1's Elite101 Rankings


The Tampa, FL native is proud of his progress, but remains dedicated to becoming the best QB he can be.

"Right now, I’ve been learning a lot on how to read a defense and get stronger and bigger physically," Knight said.

2024 QB Luke Knight has earned his top 10 ranking. He's built a reputation for his ability to make plays from the QB position, and it's only up from here. 



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View Knight's highlights below.


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