2024 DB/WR David Macon is ready to bring some magic to NextGen's The Show | Youth1

2024 DB/WR David Macon is ready to bring some magic to NextGen's The Show

David Macon of Elkins Park, Pa., sports the nickname “Magic,” and he showed why it’s the perfect moniker when he earned an invite to NextGen’s The Show in June. The slot receiver/defensive back was a standout at the NextGen Baltimore Elite Showcase this April, where he showed off his blanketing coverage skills on defense, along with a knack for getting open and snagging passes on offense.

“It felt Amazing!” Macon said about being selected. “I felt like all my hard work and dedication to football was noticed and rewarded with a great opportunity.

 “I’m looking forward to playing with and against other talented and dedicated players, in front of top coaches at IMG Academy. Most importantly, I look forward to the experience itself,” he added. “I thrive off competing against top players and being challenged.”

Macon also enjoys the challenge of playing offense as well as defense.

“I like playing receiver because I like route running and the opportunity to catch the ball in open space,” he said. “[And] I like playing D-back because I like the challenge of taking on an opponent one-on-one and the opportunity to defend or pick off the ball.”

You can check out his Instagram page for a wide variety of videos and photos that show off his highlights from football games, showcases and him diligently training. There’s also a YouTube link that showcases him tearing up the field with his running and receiving in his final season with the Pee Wee North Philly Blackhawks.

 This year, Macon will be playing for SwagNation, which is an organization formed to enhance opportunities and improve the quality of life for youth in the Philadelphia area through life skills, education and sports competition. Check out its website for more information.

As a student for Cedarbrook Middle School in nearby Wyncote, Pa., Macon has earned a perfect 4.0 GPA, and he has made the Honor Roll for three consecutive marking periods.

While he is excelling in school, Macon is working hard to improve his football skills.

“I am constantly working to get better and improve, through training, workouts, 7-on-7, football during the regular season and the gym,” he said. “I love learning new things, and I always remain humble and remind myself that I can always learn more and get better. I feel like I am getting stronger and more skilled every day.”

Macon admires Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey. “He’s an aggressive defensive back,” he noted, and added that he is focusing on becoming more aggressive himself. Watching his highlight videos, one can see that if he becomes more aggressive, a lot of future receivers are going to have long days ahead of them.

The 2024 player just wrapped up I playing 7-on-7 football, and he is now working out with personal trainers to prepare for the regular season and The Show.

“[Being chosen for The Show] says I have what it takes to elevate my talent to a higher level and shows I’m on the path to a great high school, college and hopefully, one day, the NFL,” he declared.


For more on David Macon, check out his Youth1 Player Profile -> here.

View his highlights below.

Article written by Tom Warnick.


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