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2024 ATH Javielle Boyd wants to be the next great Clemson Tiger

Javielle Boyd is one of the best players from the Tampa, FL area in the Class of 2024.


The 5-foot-3, 109-pound Boyd, who attends Williams Middle Magnet, is an explosive athlete that plays wide receiver, running back, cornerback and safety for the Progress Village Panthers, who are a part of TBYFL.


Boyd has earned plenty of recognition so far during his youth football career.


Boyd has been a regular at the TBYFL All-Star game and has won Most Outstanding Player at the event in the fourth, fifth and sixth grade.


Boyd said he’s blessed to have the opportunity to showcase his talents with some of the best athletes in the area.


“It was a very good experience. The coaches were very good,” Boyd said. “I learned a lot and it was really exciting to be there for reason like being able to meet new people and enjoy the grind. It motivated me to get better because I really just wanted to shine to be the best of the best.”


Boyd is driven by a singular purpose whenever he’s on the football field.


“On each play my mindset is to do my best and when I get the ball it's to get how ever many yards I can,” Boyd said.


Boyd has an immense passion for the game of football. The fire that Boyd feels when he steps between the lines is for a reason deeper than just football.


“I love football because it's fun and enjoyable,” Boyd said. “And it will keep me focused with my grades and help keep me off the streets.”


Boyd has learned plenty of valuable life lessons on the gridiron that he applies to other areas.


“Football taught me to always be competitive and to always work hard at anything you do,” Boyd said.


Raul Lezcano is in his second season coaching Boyd  with the Progress Village Panthers. Lezcano explains the best parts of Boyd’s game on both sides of the ball.


“He is a special player in that we can place him anywhere on the field. Mostly he plays wide receiver, running back and quarterback when we need him. On defense he plays cornerback and free safety. In special situations we use him as a strong safety and bring him in the box to help with heavy run teams. JJ is exciting to watch,” Lezcano said. “At wide receiver JJ’s route running is dynamic. He has the hands to back it up. At running back JJ’s speed and vision make him able to go the distance at any time when he touches the ball. At free safety JJ covers a lot of ground giving help to our corners over the top. But don’t think it’s just his speed that sets him apart. JJ will come down and make a hit on you if you don’t have your head on a swivel. Another aspect to the game he brings is on special teams. JJ has returned three punts for touchdowns and four kickoff returns for touchdowns.He can completely flip a game in a moments notice.”


Boyd demonstrates being a good teammate by holding everyone accountable, including himself.


“I really just try to encourage my teammates at to make sure they're doing their assignment,” Boyd said. “I always tell my teammates to keep your head up, have good character and play like there’s no one on the field and just to do your best.”


Lezcano reiterates that Boyd is one of those rare types of leaders that every locker room needs.


“JJ has showed his leadership by always being the one that the guys can come to. When they need help with remembering plays or when the team is stressed out he is the one that breaks the ice by cracking a joke or saying something motivating when they need it. To be so young and having that “We all look to you” pressure can crumble anyone but JJ wears that responsibility proudly.”


Boyd gives props to his coaches for giving him the faith he has in himself.


“They make me better because the always hold me accountable and tell me to be great at anything I do,” Boyd said. “That’s the best advice they give me.”


Boyd is a playmaking machine capable of exploding at any given moment.


“JJ has a lot of big plays. The best play I got to watch came from a kick return,” Lezcano said. “We were playing the Brandon Bears and they got off a great kick to start the half. The kick was on the far side and JJ has to run it down. The ball bounced two or three time before he scooped it up. JJ made two moves and took it to the house for a 90 yard touchdown.”


Boyd’s versatility is an asset that helps in with every position on the field.


“With JJ being able to play so many positions it gives him a unique look on the game,” Lezcano said. “He can react to any play and recognize what the other team is trying to do very quickly.”


Lezcano has a special message about the way Boyd goes about his business.


“His work ethic is nothing like coaches expect. With good players people think they just get by with talent. That’s not the case with JJ,” Lezcano said. “He works on his craft at wide receiver and safety all the time. In the off season JJ participates in 7 on 7 football to work on route running, catching, and recognizing coverages.”


Lezcano outlines the next area of improvement that will take his game to the next level.


“We have been working with JJ on not trying to create a play to much,” Lezcano said. “Sometimes in football you have to let the game come to you. When it does that’s when you will have to be ready.”


Boyd’s favorite subject in school is science.


Boyd lists his dream college of playing at as Clemson because he wants to follow in the footsteps of Ray-Ray McCloud.


Lezcano sees endless potential for the awesome athlete.


“The sky is the limit for JJ,” Lezcano said. “He will be a household name from the moment he is in high school to the time he is in the NFL.”



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