2023's Brady Probst is proving to be one of the nation's rising Tight End prospects | Youth1

2023's Brady Probst is proving to be one of the nation's rising Tight End prospects

Brady Probst from Columbus, Ind., made his selection for the Freshman450 a true no-brainer—and he’s far from finished making an impact on the field. The 2023 athlete is a big, bruising tight end and defensive end who was a standout for the freshman and varsity teams in his first year at Columbus East High School. The 6’4”, 225-lb. is a mismatch nightmare for opposing teams on both sides of the ball.

Even as a freshman, he’s built much like Rob Gronkowski, of whom he’s a big fan.

“I loved watching the passion he had and the constant energy he brought every game,” Probst said of the retired New England Patriot. Much like Gronk, two of his top attributes are his fierce, unrelenting blocking skills and reliable receiving talents.

When blocking, Probst has the size, strength and tenacity to blast opponents during a running play, pushing them downfield seven to eight yards, and sometimes even 10-15 yards, until the whistle stops. As a receiver, he has the quickness to get open, with sure hands to catch passes and then punish any would-be tacklers with his physical play.

“I love getting pancake blocks while being out front on the run game.” he said. ”And I love the feeling that comes with yards after receptions.”

On the defensive line, Probst is a game changer, as well. His size, strength and nonstop motor make him a force for Columbus East.

“As a defensive end, my favorite part is the physicality that comes with locking the edge down with my size and strength,” he noted.

When asked about being picked for the Freshman450, Probst is honored and also feels that his rigorous drive to improve is finally paying off.

“It makes me feel good to know that all my countless hours of work that I put in are being noticed,” he said. “Overall, it just gives me a sense of pride and pushes me to work harder. I have to continue on the path that I’m currently on with my work in the classroom, in the weight room and on the football field.”

His Hudl highlight videos show what a dominating player he is on the football field. His ceiling is high—he’s a freshman, after all—and he’s pushing hard to get even better.

Much like several NFL players who have been standouts on the football field and basketball court (e.g., Antonio Gates, Jimmy Graham, Julius Peppers and more), Probst has started every game for the Columbus East JV basketball squad and plays for the varsity team. He feels that it helps with his speed and footwork for football, but he still enjoys playing on the hard court.

 After basketball season ends, he plans on doing track for Columbus East. Then, he’ll attend a number of camps this summer in the hopes of garnering more interest from scouts. Since he’s been working hard to develop his speed and strength, coupled with his noticeable talent on the football field, he should definitely get noticed.

“I feel I’m getting better with each day, both physically and mentally,” Probst said. “I learn a variety of new things that allow me to perform at my best, and I’m constantly pushing myself to my personal limits each and every day.”



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Article written by Tom Warnick.


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