2023 WR/DB Jaylen Hall earns invite to NextGen's The Show | Youth1

2023 WR/DB Jaylen Hall earns invite to NextGen's The Show

Among the 2023 talents making a name for himself is WR/DB Jaylen Hall, who recently received an invite to compete in NextGen's invite-only main event, The Show.

The San Diego, CA native recently earned an invitation to The Show after a standout performance at the NextGen Southern California Regional Showcase.

"It felt great because it showed that other people saw talent in me," Hall told Youth1.com.

This will be Hall's first opportunity to put his skills on display at The Show. He's excited to embrace the experience.

"I’d like to see where I matchup with some of the so called “Best Players In The Nation," Hall said.

Standing at 5'10" 162 lbs., Hall is a stellar athlete that makes an impact on both sides of the ball. On offense, Hall is a smooth WR who runs clean routes and has soft hands to snag tough catches out the air.

On defense, Hall is a relentless DB who isn't afraid to lay big hits on ball-carriers. His ability to make game-changing plays is impressive. Perhaps most impressive is his consistency. No matter what he brings it on every down.

Most of all, Hall just loves to compete.

"My favorite part is probably the competition and where it can lead to in life for me and my family," said of his favorite part of playing football.

"I enjoy WR and DB the most because you get a lot of touches and I like catching the ball," he added.

Hall believes his strengths on the football field allow him to perform at a high level.

"My ability to get around people with my speed. My ability to make catches over other players," Hall said of his strengths.

Receiving an invite to NextGen's The Show is an impressive achievement for Hall, and it speaks to the type of athlete he's developed into.

"It says to me that I’m an above average player and I’m not a normal 13 year old kid," Hall said.

2023 WR/DB Jaylen Hall is one of the elite athletes from his class. He has a prime opportunity to shine against some of the nation's best youth athletes at The Show.

He's looking forward to this experience.

"What I look forward to the most is probably going to Florida and seeing what other talent is out there," Hall said.


For more on Jaylen Hall, check out his Youth1 Player Profile -> here.

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