2023 WR Allen Mitchell earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450 | Youth1

2023 WR Allen Mitchell earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450

Allen Mitchell is a rising star emerging on the scene in St. Louis, Missouri.

The 5-foot-10, 173-pound wide receiver out of De Smet Jesuit High School has been selected to the Youth1 Freshman450.

Mitchell takes plenty of pride in being one of the top 450 players in his class. The national accolade means a lot to Mitchell.

“It feels great to be recognized as one of the top players in the country,” Mitchell said. “It’s a great feeling knowing all your hard work you put in is truly paying off.”

Mitchell is a standout at slot wide receiver. Mitchell explains why he enjoys playing the position.

“I like slot because it helps my all-around game being able to catch and make cuts ,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell describes the aspects of his game that he excels in.

“Some of my strengths are making cuts, being able to have strong hands and being able to secure the ball after the catch,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell patterns his game after this elite NFL wide receiver.

“I look up to Antonio Brown because I run good routes like him and have very good hands,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell is enamored by the game of football and relishes every opportunity he gets to take the field.

“My favorite part of playing football is being able to dominate and help my team and be a leader for others,” Mitchell said.                

Mitchell exuberantly lists some of his proudest accomplishments .

“I was the USA Bowl MVP and team captain at Next Gen All-American and FBU Top Gun,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell shares the upcoming plans on his agenda.

“I will participate in some football camps such as All-American camps and college camps as well as doing 7-on-7,” Mitchell said. “I’m preparing by getting stronger, faster and bigger than I was last year.”

Mitchell breaks down some ways he wants to improve as a wide receiver.

“An area I’m trying to improve is just being more explosive in and out of my breaks on routes,” Mitchell said. “Things I’m going to work on for the next level are just getting bigger, faster and stronger.”    

Mitchell believes he’s growing as a player each day and is confident he can propel himself to even greater heights in the future.

 “I feel I am progressing well as a football player being able to read defenses and know what to do in big game situations,” Mitchell said. 



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For more on Allen Mitchell, check out his highlights below.

Article written by Rolando Rosa.


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