2023 RB/LB Aidan Canzater earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450 | Youth1

2023 RB/LB Aidan Canzater earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450

Aidan Canzater is boosting his stock in Columbia, South Carolina.

The 5-foot-8, 150-pound running back/middle linebacker, who attends Hammond School, has been selected to the 2019 Youth1 Freshman450.

Canzater takes great pride in being a member of the Freshman450.

“I feel accomplished and honored about this announcement,” Canzater said.

Canzater believes this selection to the Freshman450 is a reflection of his tireless dedication to football year-round.

“This says that I prepare for what is ahead of me and my work ethic pays off,” Canzater said.

Canzater shares who his role model is in the NFL.

“I look up to Russell Wilson because he is a great team player and leader,” Canzater said. “He is such a positive person and loves giving back to his community.”

Canzater is outstanding at doing the dirty work required to help his team succeed. Canzater is the total team player and wears many different hats on the field.

“Delivering great blocks and getting nice yardage on kick and punt returns,” Canzater said.

Canzater proudly lists some of his most recent accomplishments.

“My football team ended the season 7-1 and we were able to successfully throw the ball effectively. I scored 10 touchdowns out of these games,” Canzater said. “Academically, I am an A/B student.”

Canzater explains what he enjoys about playing on both sides of the ball.

“Playing running back gives me opportunities to run and catch the ball,” Canzater said. “Playing middle linebacker gives me a good chance to get into the backfield and make good tackles.”

Canzater is extremely enthusiastic about being a good teammate. Canzater is a positive presence for his peers.

“I love celebrating with teammates after big plays,” Canzater said.

Canzater provides a glimpse into what’s on deck for him in the future.

“So far, I am attending NextGen in April and the All-American National Combine 2020,” Canzater said. “I am keeping my body conditioned through school wrestling and track.”

Canzater has shown marked improvement in the past year.

“Compared to my last football season, I would say my vision, strength, speed, and play making has gotten much better,” Canzater said. “This shows growth in my skills.”

That being said, Canzater is still on the grind to hone his craft so that he can elevate himself to an even higher level.

“I am looking to improve on my ball carrying skills and footwork,” Canzater said. “I’m going to work on my catching skills and conserving the clock in close game situations.”


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For more on Aiden Canzater, view his highlights below.

Article written by Rolando Rosa.


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