2023 RB/FS William Trey Thompson earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450 | Youth1

2023 RB/FS William Trey Thompson earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450

Among the standout athletes from the 2023 class is RB/FS William Trey Thompson, who was recently named to Youth1's Freshman450 list.

Thompson has quietly built a reputation for his ability on the football field. The Boone, North Carolina native is a talented running back and recently moved from Outside Linebacker to Free Safety on defense, where he's making a real impact.

"I am quick, fast, and very agile. I have good vision to make cuts and get up field. I can pass block and run block very efficiently," Thompson told Youth1.com of his strengths.

"I can come up field and make tackles on the junior varsity and varsity levels. I can cover receivers of all size because of my height and speed," he added.

Coming in at 5'11" 160 lbs., Thompson has good size especially at the positions he plays. He's a strong physical athlete that plays with a motor that never wavers. He welcomes contact and embraces running through defenders on his way to paydirt.

"My favorite part of being a running back is making cuts and making plays in the open field," Thompson said.

More than anything, Thompson loves making big plays and being a part of a team.

"I love how in football you must play well as a team to succeed," he said.

Thompson currently plays for the Watauga High School JV and Varsity teams.

"I feel like I’m progressing well. Since my varsity debut, I feel a lot more confident," Thompson said.

"I’ve run for 100 yards multiple games this season, I’ve scored nine touchdowns this season, I’ve scored 3 2-point conversions, and consistently dress for junior varsity and varsity games," he added.

Things are really coming along for 2023 RB/FS William Trey Thompson. Playing on Varsity as a Freshman speaks volumes to the type of talent Thompson has.

He's determined to keep improving and pushing himself to accomplish more.

"I would like to improve my catching skills out of the backfield," Thompson said.

Being named to Youth1's Freshman450 is an accolade to be proud of.

"It feels great knowing that you are one of the best freshmen in the nation, but I need to continue staying focused on my short and long-term goals," Thompson said.

"This shows that I’m a very focused person and want to get better at what I do."


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