2023 RB Harlem Diamond nabs spot on Youth1's Freshman450 | Youth1

2023 RB Harlem Diamond nabs spot on Youth1's Freshman450

When you give Cedartown, Ga., running back Harlem Diamond the ball, and he’ll blast through an open hole with his spectacular speed (a 4.8 40). His velocity, coupled with a downhill, slashing style, makes him a game changer, which belies his young age. The 9th grader plays for both the JV and Varsity team(s) for the Cedartown High School Bulldogs and is a member of the Freshman450.

“It’s an honor to have be on the list and to know that someone is recognizing my hard work,” the 2023 athlete said, who just happens to be related to a former Bulldog running back—his cousin, Nick Chubb, is a star RB for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns.

Diamond attended his cousin’s football camp that was held over the summer in Cedartown. Chubb also picked him up after the camp day ended, and they worked out together.

“Seeing how hard he works and his dedication to the game is inspiring,” Diamond said. However, Diamond wants to succeed on his own terms and blaze his own path.

“I respect him, but I am trying to make a name for myself,” he maintained.

While Diamond prefers playing the ball on offense, he’s more than willing to contribute at defensive back.

“I am a natural running back—it’s in my blood to run the ball, but I will play anywhere to help my team,” the 5’6”, 135-lb. athlete noted.

Diamond plans on attending spring workouts at his high school, where he will concentrate on getting faster and stronger. “I’m looking to improve my overall game,” he said.

While most 8th-graders would find it difficult to play against high school varsity players, Diamond welcomes it.

“Competition motivates me,” he said. “The thrill of competing against other players, the challenge that comes with preparing yourself to be best, motivates me.

His Hudl highlight video of the 2019 season shows him playing against opponents who tower over him. Still, the video proves that he can not only play with the varsity squad, but he is an asset to the Bulldogs.

Prior to 2019, he was already gaining renown in numerous camps, which include the Diamond Sport Group All American; Born 2 Compete Leadership Award; FSG 7th Grade Camp MVP; Future stars 6th grade MVP; and more.

His Youth1 profile states that his goals are to “become a professional athlete, a dentist and a professional bass fisherman,” and it looks like he has the smarts to achieve his second goal. In 2017, he was named to the Junior National Honor Society, and he currently has a solid 3.6 GPA at Cedartown Middle School. He also earned a Top 6th grader at NFPA Middle School Challenge achievement.

“School is very important—my grades come before sports,” he stated in his profile.

When asked about his biggest inspiration, he replied, “My Dad. He has always been in my corner pushing me to go harder encouraging me on and off the field.”

Diamond aims to make a big leap forward, thanks to a year’s experience on the varsity team, his continued workouts and on-field preparation.

“I’m on track progressing well. I feel like I’m on schedule to have a great sophomore year,” he said.


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Article written by Tom Warnick.


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