2023 RB Harlem Diamond discusses his performance at the Diamond Elite All-American Game | Youth1

2023 RB Harlem Diamond discusses his performance at the Diamond Elite All-American Game

The 2018 Diamond Elite East vs. West All-American Game hosted by the Diamond Sports Group was a resounding success on MLK day weekend in Las Vegas just a week or so ago.

The nation's top youth athletes were in attendance to compete, in hopes of learning the game and gaining some national exposure.

Among the stellar attendees was RB Harlem Diamond, who is a budding talent from the 2023 class.

Youth1 Media caught up with Harlem to get his thoughts on his performance and experience at the 2018 Diamond Elite East vs. West All-American Game.



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Q. Tell me about your experience at the Diamond Las Vegas event. What went well and what did you enjoy most about the event?

A. I enjoyed the experience traveling out west first time flying that far in an airplane. The competition was great. I enjoyed my teammates. Diamond has the best uniforms they were lit. I also enjoyed seeing my picture on the player’s nametag. I enjoyed running the ball and I also recovered a on-side kick. In 2 games I had 10 carries for 56 yards. And just spending time with my dad was awesome.

Q. What was the most challenging part of the Diamond event?

A. Learning a new offense in 3 practices. That was hard but it was hard for everyone but we as teammates helped each other out.

Q. What was your favorite moment of that weekend?

A. My favorite moment of the weekend getting a chance to run the ball against good competition and gaining positive yards and being the lead blocker for my teammate when he scored his touchdowns.

Q. What will you work on to improve for your next football event?

A. What I can do to improve for the next event is continue to grind hard in the weight room and my training and continue to bring a big heart and continue to give it all I have.

Q. Tell me about your current progress as a young athlete?

A. My current progress is I just finished wrestling with 17-3 Record. I am now going into baseball and am ready for the baseball season to start. While waiting I will still be in the weight room getting stronger and staying in shape by training and continue to strive for all A's in the classroom.


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