2023 QB/WR Jeremiah Dillard named to Youth1's Elite101 rankings | Youth1

2023 QB/WR Jeremiah Dillard named to Youth1's Elite101 rankings

Among the most impressive athletes from the 2023 class is QB/WR Jeremiah Dillard, who is making a name for himself as a real force on the football field. Dillard is the true definition of an athlete, as he can impact the game from a variety of positions on the field. Dillard is the type of young man that just loves to compete and make big plays.

"Playing with great teammates and having a great coaching staff," Dillard said of his favorite part of the game.

Standing at 5'11" 145 lbs., Dillard is a nightmare for opponents to compete against because of his ability to line up at both QB and WR. He can make most throws with ease and has good accuracy for his youthful age. He's a dual-threat QB that can use his legs to carve the defense up when he can't find a receiver downfield or on designed runs. When lined up at WR, Dillard specializes in snagging the ball out of the air at its highest point. His speed is a real weapon.

On defense, Dillard plays DB where he makes plays as both a Cornerback and a Safety.

"At QB, I love to be the general on the field. At WR, being a QB I know where to find open spots in opposing defenses," Dillard said.

"My strengths on the field are my arm strength, hands, and vision," he added.

Dillard was named to Youth1's most recent edition of the Elite101 rankings, where he came in at #81. For those unfamiliar, the Elite101 rankings have been a valuable resource for pinpointing the nation's absolute best athletes entering their 8th grade season.

Being named to the Elite101 is a testament to the type of athlete Jeremiah Dillard is and the potential he has going forward.

"It's truly an honor," Dillard told Youth1.com. "That hard work paid off and I have to continue putting in the work to move up on the list."

The Allen, TX resident has most recently played for the nationally ranked NTX Cowboys 13U team and his middle school team the Curtis Tigers.

As he looks to continue to enhance his already impressive game, Dillard is focused on finding ways to get better.

"I am constantly working on my footwork and mechanics," Dillard said.

"I am working on getting stronger and faster," he added.

Given his work either and desire to become the best player he can be, it comes as no surprise that Dillard models his game after two of the NFL's elite at his positions.

"Cam Newton and Tavon Austin," Dillard said.

"I look up to Cam because he's a great leader and he doesn't give up on his team even when they are down. I look up to Tavon Austin because he's always had great vision, catches the ball really well, and he's a native of Maryland like myself," he added.

2023 QB/WR Jeremiah Dillard is one of the nation's top youth football players, with his ability to impact the game from a variety of positions. He has the talent to takeover any game, and serves as a real leader for his teammates.

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